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Whether you are a tech-lover, detailed interior designer or just wanting to learn about motorized shades, Bravo AV of NJ has an extensive collection of window treatment and home Automation solutions for your New Jersey home. We can bring the fabric books to you or stop by for a live demo. We continue to make an investment in our showroom so you can experience the quietness, accuracy and benefits of motorized blinds. We know your going to look at window treatments in a whole new light after learning about their smart daylight management,  and energy savings. This page is all about helping you understand "why motorized shades".



Corded blinds and shades can be a serious health hazard in homes and businesses with small children or pets. The cords dangle down from the window, often pooling on the ground where toddlers or curious pets may accidentally get tangled in them. This can lead to serious injuries or even death.


In addition to the safety concerns, shades and blinds with cords can also be unsightly, giving windows a cluttered appearance. They can also be frustrating to operate, especially in hard to reach areas, like when blinds are installed are behind a sofa or up high, requiring a latter or extension to adjust them. This means even longer cords and and a greater risk for danger. There are also many other benefits, including:

Motorized-Blinds-Short-Hills-Home- NJ.p


Owning motorized shades is about more than convenience, however, that is one of the primary benefits.  Bravo AV will program your automation system to enhance and augment your lifestyle.  Remote control shades will be raised in the morning to start the day.  As the day progresses, shades will follow the sun to harvest daylight and lower your lighting bill.  As dusk approaches, the shades will quietly lower to protect your privacy.  Blackout shades in the master suite will ensure a good night’s sleep.  All of these settings will happen according to a schedule that we create with you.  Of course, you can override at any time from your keypad, tablet, phone, or by asking Alexa—or Siri or Google—to make an adjustment.


You can see in this image how less strenuous it will be not having to struggle over the couch to raise and lower these shades.


Carefully selected fabrics can reduce glare, relieving eye strain and enhancing your view.  As previously mentioned, coordination between your lighting and shade control can provide ideal illumination and save energy.  Serious energy saving is a benefit of your shading and HVAC systems working together, all while maximizing your comfort.

This image shows you the elegance of Roman Shades and how they can make such a dramatic effect.

Lutron Motorized Roman Shades NJ.png


Let’s face it, the primary reason for window coverings is privacy.  We want to see the world, but we do not always want the world to see us.  Remote control shades are an elegant privacy solution for your New Jersey home.  Through intelligent automation, you may never have to lift a finger to ensure that both your privacy and your views will be maximized.

This is image shows us how black-out shades can completely transform a room into total darkness and privacy.


Ensuring your privacy is the first layer of security provided by smart shades.  Less obvious is the control of damaging UV radiation to protect your delicate fabrics and artwork.  Finally, in the event of an alarm call, your system can raise all the shades and turn on all the lights until the threat—more likely, false alarm—has been resolved.

In this image we can see how the large window would be benficial to law enforcement investigating a house alarm, as long as the sahde was open. 



We are happy to work with your interior designer to help you select the perfect shading and drapery fabrics.  Bravo AV offers hundreds of fabric options as well as motorized solutions for all types of window coverings.  Of course, we can also work with your fabrics.  Motorized window coverings is one of the few areas where we can find such a happy partnership between technology and aesthetics.  It is no wonder that remote controlled window treatments have become so popular.

This image shows us even wooden blinds can look elegant while also being motorized.

Here at Bravo AV we understand motorized shades are an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


There are a few different ways that you can control your motorized shades. You can have them wired, battery powered, or solar powered. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Wired: Wired shades are the most reliable, since they're constantly connected to a power source. However, they can be more difficult to install, since you'll need to run wiring to each shade.


Battery: Battery-powered shades are very convenient, since you don't need to worry about wiring. However, batteries will need to be replaced periodically, and the Shades may not work during a power outage.


Solar: Solar-powered shades are environmentally friendly and easy to install. However, they may not work as well in shady or cloudy conditions.

You can read more about how window treatments are powered and the pros / cons of each


Bravo AV continues to document everything you need to know about Motorized Shades here:


If you're looking for a way to motorize your home's window treatments, smart shades might be the perfect solution

Lutron Motorized Honeycomb Shades Dealer NJ.png

We’ve listed six of the top benefits here – see if any of them stand out as a good reason for you to bring smart shades to your home!

Lutron Motorized Roman Shades NJ.png


Lutron Smart blinds are quickly becoming a mainstream convenience due to these three popular benefits.

Lutron Motorized Roller Shade Dealer NJ.png


Lutron Smart  shades are recognized as a convenience and an affordable luxury. Find out why in this article.



This is an exciting part of your journey! Which fabric design and what type of window covering will look and perform the best for the area. We can help you or your designer  discover motorized shades.


After you have chosen the perfect shade fabric and automated window covering type, it's time to calculate. We will measure your finished windows and go over the final proposal with you. We will meet your budget and exceed your expectations.


It usually takes between 6-8 weeks for your custom shades to arrive directly to your home. During the process we will update  you regularly and be ready to install when they arrive. The installation process is quick  and our team respects your home.



The day we all waited for. Our team will help you program every aspect of your automated shade schedule and be there if you have any questions or concerns. And you will no longer need to run around raising and lowering shades!

Bravo AV Provides Motorized blinds Sales, Design, Installation and Service In NY | NJ and for our neighbors in:

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