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Whether you are building a new home here in New Jersey or you are considering a renovation, you should consider a professional lighting design NJ service. Bravo AV can work with you or directly with your contractor to develop a custom lighting pan that not only showcases every room with modern luxury, but our designs save on your energy bill as well. We offer cutting-edge LED lighting systems for a few reasons. First, they are long-lasting and are far more energy-efficient than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. But perhaps most importantly, LED light fixtures from DMF, Lutron and USAI are renowned for being able to simulate natural light in indoor environments – benefiting your circadian rhythm and helping you calm down or focus, depending on the room the lights are in. We even offer Savant’s tunable LED lighting solutions, which allow you to adjust the color tone of your lights from the convenience of the Savant app on your smartphone or tablet.



Do you need commercial lighting design for your restaurant or retail store? Lighting makes a tremendous impact on your guests and should be well planned out. Over-illumination is when the light level is higher than needed for a space and can lead to fatigue, stress, anxiety, and  hypertension. If the levels are too low, safety becomes an issue and clients will become frustrated trying to read a menu or product details. Our lighting plans are designed to each specific environment.


Many homeowners are unaware about how important a lighting plan is and just expect the electrician to get it right. From our experience, electricians are not professional lighting designers or technologists. The light switch of the past is long gone thankfully to dimmers and energy saving smart light systems. Bravo AV continuously attends trainings for lighting systems, lighting fixtures and new lighting concepts. All of this combined assures your home will be well lit, save you energy and compliment the interior design of each space. 


Outdoor lighting design has been growing tremendously over the last few years for a few reasons. The first reason is people are entertaining more at home and investing in outdoor entertainment centers. This leads to more lights with different light levels for different areas. You can now see there is no shortage of different light fixtures for any application you can imagine. Any outdoor lighting also adds another layer of security, burglars and wrong doers look for darker areas for mischievous behavior and adding lights deters them immediately. You can learn more about home security tips here.


Here at Bravo AV we understand Lighting Design, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


There are many benefits when hiring a professional lighting deisgner and here are the 3 most important.

1. SAVE MONEY: When you hire  lighting designer it will be an additional cost but it will save you money in the long run. Lighting designers have years of experience, knowing which fixtures, control systems and actual design will maximize the light through out your home. You will not be disappointed in the end experience. You will not be fearful if the light will be overwhelming or even worse, not enough. Lighting designers makes sure when the job is complete there will be no need to add more lighting which can costs thousands in renovations to run new wires.

2. AESTHETICS: Looking for the perfect fixture? Chances are a lighting designer can find it for you. Lighting is all they do and after years of working with clients they can probably find exactly what suits your taste and budget. This also includes dimmers, switches and everything visible in your lighting system. Even color matching or custom plates and keypads.


3. DESIGN: Obviously the most important benefit is the design. How many hi-hats and what should the color rendering be? Each lighting fixture has many different aspects including color temperature, color rendering and other specifications everyday electricians do not know, these are what make the difference immediately and the performance over time. Design also includes how you access and control the lights throughout your home, where should a dimmer go? A regular switch? A keypad? A timed dimmer? All of these matter especially when it comes to convenience and saving money.


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Flexibility, Scalability and Capability.

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Bravo AV Provides Lighting Design In NY, NJ and for our neighbors in:

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Madison, NJ
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