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Home Security Tips For Your New Jersey Home

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Keep your home well lit to reduce a home burglary.
Home Security Tips Keep your Home and Property Well Lit.

It is officially summertime and not only does that mean it is time for outdoor entertainment, but it is also the most popular time for our New Jersey friends and neighbors to go away on long vacations. This is especially true due to flight and travel restrictions being lifted globally from the pandemic. As your local smart home expert, we wanted to share some of the most crucial steps you can take to keep your home from becoming a target for a burglary. If you feel you need additional protection in the means of security cameras, a video doorbell or even a full home security system design do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help. How do burglars go about determining easy targets? They frequently drive around between noon and 3:00 in the afternoon evaluating all the homes in a neighborhood. This strategy is the exact opposite of thinking they drive around at night. Continue reading to find out what the exact details criminals are looking and how you can lower the possibilities of your home being robbed.

The Big 3:

1. Make certain all exterior lights are turned off during the daytime. When the bad guys drive through neighborhoods and see outside lights on in the middle of the day it is a huge indication that the homeowners are away. Having outdoor lighting on a scheduled timer will eliminate this, Bravo AV can also change out your existing light switch with a smart dimmer that can be programmed to go on and off on a schedule or even randomly at night. These systems are great to make sure all lights are turned off during the day, effortlessly. You can learn more about our smart lighting systems here.

2. Have a neighbor take in articles such as Mail, newspapers, magazines or any other publications in your driveway or porch. If you are away for a prolonged period, the mailbox will eventually become full as well and that is another indicator that the homeowner is away on vacation. We also advocate your neighbor gather these periodicals in the evening so they go noticed during the daytime giving away that you are not home.

3. Never leave your trash cans or recyclables at the end of your driveway. Have a neighbor put them away in their proper place. Criminals will understand the neighborhood well enough to see which homes have their garbage cans out two or three days after the set pick-up day. Schedules are easy to find online through township websites and community pages on social media. It is very easy for anyone to search post of public profile with a keyword and a demographic on Facebook (keyword: "Vacation" Location: "Bernardsville NJ") so be sure to keep your profile private.

Secondary Steps:

4. Your property needs to be well lit, particularly first flooring windows, all entrances, garage doors. It is strongly recommended to have sufficient lighting in your driveway as to reduce the risk of any vehicles being broken into or stolen. Boats and motorcycles are extremely easy targets. We are available to assess your home lighting and you can learn about our outdoor lighting systems here.

5. As we pointed out earlier, we can help you with a lighting system or a couple of lights that are automated inside your home. If the robbers saw something of interest during the day that showed you are away and came back at night, they will see the interior lights on, and may be reluctant to gain entry. Our automated lighting systems also have the capability to turn on and off lights randomly throughout evening hours, as well as automated shades. A home with shades drawn down during the day for several days can be a sign that you are on vacation. Learn more about our motorized shade solutions here.

6. Do not stop any mail or newspaper deliveries, numerous burglaries include a postal clerk or newspaper delivery person who understands a break-in, this can also happen innocently in a passing discussion. Look at the individuals who provide your periodicals, do you recognize their character as a whole?, Are you really comfortable knowing that they know when you are away?

7. Make sure your landscaping does not allow a cover for potential burglars. Unkept landscapes provide excellent camouflage from neighbors and patrol cruisers. Be diligent in trimming down bushes that are up against windows or tall enough to hide in.

8. Make sure not to leave shed doors open or unlocked and keep valuables possessions (pricey boating, sporting devises and tools) out of view. It is an attraction for wrong doers to commit a burglary, even if they were not inclined to do so. Why tempt someone?

9. Make certain you have home security landscape placard (“this house safeguarded by”) that is quickly viewable from the street. Contact us and we can help you acquire one.

10. When going away for a prolong period, do not hesitate to inform the Police. They can deploy additional patrols.

11. It goes without saying, do not post on social media that you are going away or post any vacation photos while you are away. Even posting while you are away on business can leave your family vulnerable. Have the patience to post after you get home. Criminals can easily browse associated in terms in any area, so at the extreme least keep your profile private.

The very first three steps are mandatory if you do not want to experience coming home to your home being robbed. Of course these steps should be adjusted to your community. It all depends on the regional conditions and just how much effort you wish to make to avert burglaries.

Here is some additional info on the differences between a burglary and a robbery:

Burglary: Is defined as a crime against a property itself when a perpetrator enters your home and unjustifiably removes any of its contents.

Robbery: Is considered a criminal offense against a person when an intruder unlawfully removes property from you or a person. Most notably with the use of force or threatened force. A robbery is considered a more severe crime and is much more punishable if prosecuted by the court of law. Often criminals do not select homes at random to burglarize, they tend to lean towards neighborhoods with soft targets and are aware of risking a crime only against a property. Being cognizant if homes are occupied, the probability of being charged for a robbery have increased. In most circumstances, when a home invasion has occurred the perpetrators know that the homeowner is related to a business such as an art collector, high volume cash business, jeweler etc... The average homeowner is usually not the target of a home invasion.

For additional resources, please visit our website’s Knowledge Center. Here, you will find dozens of articles relating to Bravo AV’s services. Bravo AV is proud to be an HTA (Home Technology Association) Certified Installation Firm and professional A/V experts. Tom Curnin, the owner of Bravo AV, is a CEDIA Professional Designer, a certified THX Level 1 home theater professional, and a member of the Home Acoustic Alliance trained to Level II. You can contact Tom directly at (908) 953-0555 or through email at

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