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3 Reasons You Need Motorized Blinds

Motorized Shades And Three Reasons You Need Them
3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades

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What do you think of when someone mentions motorized blinds? The first thing that might come to mind is convenience. Perhaps you think about them in the same way power windows were thought of for automobiles 30 years ago. Power windows were an optional luxury then. Try to find a new model car with hand-cranked roll-up windows today. The point is, many things that start as luxuries quickly become so useful that they become mainstream, familiar, and often more affordable. That's the way we think about motorized shades. While they may not be in every home, there are excellent reasons why they are a valuable addition to your New Jersey home. Beyond the sheer convenience of controlling shades and window treatments with a button rather than a cord or some other mechanism, there is the benefit of managing light in your home. Home lighting is more than just your artificial lights; it's also controlling and harnessing the natural light that enters your home. That's the critical benefit motorized shades bring to the table. Read on to learn more about mastering light control in your home with motorized shades

Increased Comfort and Efficiency Summer may be drawing to a close in New Jersey, but a sunny day and a window with western exposure may still uncomfortably warm up the house. Do you simply draw the shades all afternoon? With motorized shades, you have precise control and can raise some shades while keeping others down. You can raise shades to a specific level at a particular time of day to let in just the right amount of sun. You can even program your shades to follow the sun exposure for the season so that you can get the optimal amount of natural light. With smart home automation, your shades can partner with your intelligent thermostats to maintain comfort with greater efficiency. In summer, keeping the heat out will reduce the load on the HVAC. In colder seasons, you can raise shades for warming sunlight on bright days, and lower shades for increased thermal insulation in colder gray weather. 

Increased Protection We know that too much exposure to UV rays can damage our skin. UV can also damage the finishes, furnishings, and art in your home as well. Motorized shades help protect your interiors without making every room dark. The touch of a button, a voice command, a programmed schedule, or even a UV sensor can trigger your shades to strategically lower and filter the natural light.

Styles for Every Home The convenience and protection of motorized shades and window treatments do not come at the expense of style. The variety is wide - besides rolling shades, there are motorized drapery tracks, vertical rising drapes, roman shades, shades for skylights and more. Fabrics can range from full blackout to light filtering with varying levels of UV protection, so you can expertly manage natural light the way you prefer. Let motorized shades help you harness and control the light in your New Jersey home. To learn more, get in touch with us online by chatting live with us below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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