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Bravo AV of New Jersey is proud to be an authorized dealer for Paradigm Speakers, one of the leading manufacturers in premium audio. Established in 1982, Paradigm has been designing and producing some of the best-sounding speakers available today. With a long history of innovation and engineering excellence, Paradigm provides a wide range of products to suit any preference or budget. From home theater systems to professional studio monitors, these speakers are designed with superior sound quality in mind. Every speaker utilizes advanced technology and materials that create a balanced sound with minimal distortion and maximum clarity. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system or build something from scratch,


We have models for both indoor and outdoor use so you can find exactly what you need for your space, whether it's a large room or a smaller nook. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions and help you make the best choice. Visit our Home Audio page to learn more.



Paradigm speakers are renowned for their superior sound. They use high-quality components and materials including titanium tweeter diaphragms, steel woofer cones, ceramic motor structures, and more to ensure a crisp, immersive sound. The unique design of the speaker cabinets also helps to improve overall sound clarity and accuracy. Some Paradigm models come with an advanced low-frequency driver  that provides deep bass extension.


Paradigm speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your home theater or music setup. Each speaker is designed specifically with the user experience in mind, so you can rest assured that your setup will be tailored to your exact needs. For example, some models feature a built-in subwoofer so even if you don't have room for a separate sub, you can still enjoy full-range audio playback.


Some Paradigm speakers offer streaming audio with remarkable clarity and power, providing you with a truly immersive listening experience. The integrated technology allows for streaming of content from multiple sources, including services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Their speakers are also equipped with high-efficiency built in amplifiers that deliver detailed sound reproduction with a very dynamic range. 


Paradigm Speakers' Décor Collection allows homeowners to have the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and sound performance. These bespoke speakers offer the renowned audio fidelity Paradigm is known for with a design that perfectly complements your flat panel TV. These customizable offerings come in an array of driver formats, allowing you to put up to three audio channels in a single enclosure. With this series, they will construct a slim, stylish high performance audio system that is tailored to the exact length and height of your exact television model. Paradigm has also developed two distinct configurations for their Décor speakers: horizontal (sound bar) and vertical (side-mounted). Both options provide sleek designs suited for minimalistic décors, while still maintaining an attractive design profile that helps you achieve your dream home entertainment system, without the clutter!

Here at Bravo AV we understand Paradigm Speakers are an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


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Paradigm home theater speakers offer an exceptional surround sound experience that will bring your movie nights to the next level. With advanced technology and precise, accurate sound, their speakers provide a true life-like experience in your own home. The drivers are configured to ensure optimal audio performance and fidelity by using an active crossover system which balances each frequency range perfectly.

These speakers provide a powerful surround sound experience, immersing you into the world of movies and television shows. Advanced bass management systems also allow for integration of low-frequency effects which deliver maximum impact to create ultimate realism and excitement. Customize your cinematic experience with more than just the audio too - with their sleek design and build quality they seamlessly blend into any décor while providing outstanding acoustical performance. No matter where your theater room is located or what type of environment you have, Paradigm home theater speakers will provide clear dialogue alongside strong dynamics that brings movies to life like never before. 



Paradigm subwoofers represent a state-of-the-art marriage of design and engineering excellence that defies the typical boundaries of space and performance. Their team wanted to create a product that is both powerful and aesthetically pleasing, designed in a compact form factor that will never detract from its surroundings even as it delivers an enhanced listening experience.

These subs feature an advanced acoustic suspension system which allows for tight, accurate bass response in all directions, producing rich, deep sound that immerses the listener. Their finely tuned drivers ensure distortion-free playback at even the highest volume levels while providing superior dynamic range for maximum fidelity. Plus, each subwoofer utilizes a rigid cabinet construction to inhibit unwanted resonance, creating smooth performance with minimal coloration.

From their breathtaking cinematic sounds to their sleek designs, you'll never have to compromise when it comes to your entertainment system.



Paradigm Custom Install Speakers are designed to provide superior audio quality for in ceiling and in wall applications for whole home audio. Their innovative design enables users to experience a wide range of sound performance with minimal acoustic leakage into other rooms, making them ideal for a variety of applications, such as multi-room audio systems and distributed audio. Built for performance and longevity, the speakers feature premium materials, with sophisticated motor structures and advanced suspension systems that help minimize distortion and maximize sound clarity.

The custom install line includes a variety of models featuring different sizes, power handling capabilities and features to meet your budget. These all combine together to provide users with detailed sound reproduction across all frequencies so you can hear every note clearly without sacrificing any fidelity. Ideal for whole home audio applications, With these advanced features and exceptional sound quality, Paradigm Custom Install Speakers provide an excellent solution for anyone looking to maximize their music listening experience throughout their entire home.

Focal’s ambition is to make every occasion you listen to music a moment of privilege, where music is respected and emotions are roused. For us, innovation and tradition come together to enhance the performance of hi-fi sound and the beauty of music. Our desire is to open a gateway to new sensations and emotions, giving you the chance to experience pleasure in its purest form. Focal products are also lifestyle objects, objects of everyday life. That’s why every tiny detail has been researched, designed and tweaked. This makes them exceptional products capable of flawless performance with a distinguished style.


Paradigm has revolutionized outdoor audio with the introduction of its first-ever landscape loudspeaker system: Garden Oasis. Featuring Paradigm's RED™ technology and a rugged, weatherproof design, this system provides superior audio performance without limitations. Garden Oasis is composed of Contemporary Stylus speakers that provide two channels of L/R sound outdoors. This makes it ideal for outdoor spaces, where there are no walls or ceiling to contain sound and allow for clear audio even at maximum volume levels.

Paradigm also has contemporary Stylus speakers that are stylish and surprisingly affordable way to bring the high-performance sound you enjoy indoors … outdoors. If your looking for a high-performance single-speaker look no further than their Rock Monitors. These systems provide a Dual-Directional Soundfield™ — with two tweeters, each offset at a 30° angle—and twin voice coil bass/midrange drivers which ensure an extremely wide dispersion.

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