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Many people do not watch TV often and are not willing to compromise their interior design.


Did you know your TV could be a mirror? In 2003 Phillips changed the interior design world by concealing a television behind a mirror. Today Bravo AV of New Jersey and Reflectel can transform any space and match any design with a mirror TV. You can choose your favorite TV or we can help you decide, depending on your Individual watching preferences. Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about Mirror TV's and Hidden Televisions including  custom shapes, custom frames and how much they cost.

Mirror TV New Jersey


Mirror when OFF - TV when ON

A mirror TV is a very cool piece of multi functional technology that combines a mirror and television, sometimes surrounded with an elegant frame. Manufacturers carefully polarized the glass so when the TV is off it looks like a regular mirror and when the Television is turned on a vibrant display transfers through the glass, making the mirror disappear. The real difference in mirror Televisions is the type of glass used. Reflectel offers the finest TV Mirror Glass available that makes your Sony, Samsung, LG or other favorite TV look amazing. With 35 years experience in the framing world,  Reflectel has an endless selection of custom frames to match any interior decor. 

Are you ready to make your technology disappear?

Learn about Mirror TV's with Tom and Elizabeth.

Here at Bravo AV we understand a mirror TV is an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


When you work with Bravo AV and Reflectel you have an infinite amount of mirror TV options. We can work with your interior designer or recommend some of the finest interior designers we have worked with. We also have plenty photos to help you see the possibilities and begin your journey to hiding your TV. Reflectel will also create three Photoshop images of your living space with three different frames and sizes. This service removes all concerns and assures you the design and size are perfect for your room. If you need an electrician to re-locate an outlet for power or need it mounted in a difficult spot, Bravo is happy to help you with that as well. As we mentioned above, Reflectel has its roots and is highly respected in the framing industry which really helps us make a mirror TV unique to you. Check out the image below and see the transformation of a regular black plastic TV into an elegant and timeless  piece of artwork. As you can see, we can make a Mirror TV look any way you desire.

Hidden TV Installation New Jersey
New Jersey Mirror TV Install Company


Mirror TV's weigh considerably more than just a television and shold be installed by a professional. The most popular mount is a French Cleats which distribute the weight evenly. If you need a tilt or an articulating arm (swivel arm) we can accommodate you the same as if it were a regular TV We also have flush mount applications for bathroom mirror TV's or in other living spaces. This option is great when you do not want a frame but want the mirrrored glass as closet the wall as possible. We like to think we have done it all but we also look forward to designing a unique application to suite yor home perfect.


There are many factors to consider when pricing mirror televisions. Remember the glass is the most important aspect to get the best visibility of the TV behind the mirror. ​The next decision is which brand you prefer and how large. Last would be the budget for the frame. Bravo will work within your budget and exceed expectations. Its also important to realize if the TV fails after years, we can replace or upgrade the TV anytime so yo will always have your custom designed mirror.

Flexible Framing Prices

Reflectel offers the most flexible framing packages to find the right frame at the right price. Pricing varies based on:


  1. TV Diagonal, with 49″, 55″, and 65″ being our most common;

  2. Orientation, with choices in Landscape/Edge-to Edge, or Square and Portrait Vertical options when the mirror is larger than the TV and our lastly our Plus orientation when the mirror is larger both horizontally and vertically. 

  3. Our Frame Series  give you many options from our entry level Signature up to our Gilded Carved frame.

Bespoke Series

Our Bespoke series are hand made frames with endless customization options. See our wonderful TV Mirror frame choices in:


  • Gilded in 24K Gold

  • Leather in Supple Hides

  • Metal in Steel, Bronze, and Stainless

  • Wood in Mahogany, Maple, Cherry and more

Prices starts at:

49″ TV in Landscape with either

Modern Wood - $9270

Gilded Shaped Series - $11250

55″ and 65″ Mirror TV range from $10,050.00 to $16,260.00.

Signature Series

Reflectel created our luxury economy line in 2016, for Bloomingdales, NYC and its been a huge hit across the country. Our Signature series includes Carved, Shaped, Metal, Leatherette and Wood.

Pricing starts at $7,425.00 for a 49″ Mirror TV.  

Pricing does not include installation. 


Only Reflectel Mirror TV offers custom shapes and sizes for your Mirror TV. For the first time you can choose from Landscape, Square, Portrait and Plus models. Reflectels Landscape series is the ONLY Edge-to-Edge Mirror TV in the industry that does not have a gap around the mirror border! No one will have the slightest idea that behind your stunning circular or geometric contour mirror is a top of the line LG, Sony, or Samsung TV. Your Mirror TV is an ambient mirror when off and programming of your choice when on. You can display art work on your QLED TVs or art videos and slide shows on your OLED. Reflectel is the most versatile decor appliance in the home.

Landscape, Square, Portrait, and Plus

Custom Mirror Television Install

Reflectel has a rich history in artful frame design and are master frame makers with decades of experience.

We understand every home has a unique character and deserves the perfect frame. Why settle for a cookie cutter frame when your interior was designed with your personal taste in mind? Frames are brilliant additions to any interior. In conclusion our collection is unmatched. Here is a sample of the hundreds of frame options available.

Mirror TV New Jersey