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Spring is here and with summer around the corner everyone is ready to start enjoying the promise of sunnier skies and warmer temperatures. Enjoying the outdoors is what is on everyone’s mind right now and a great addition to improve the quality time you get to spend outside is getting to watch your favorite movie or sports team from the comfort of your patio or pool area. Whether you want to watch under a shaded Pergola or at poolside in bright sunlight. Long regarded as the industry leader in outdoor televisions, Seura has taken it up a notch with their new 4K outdoor TV models. Why have to settle for returning to the house on a beautiful day when you can watch the baseball game without leaving your patio or pool.

Outdoor TV Installation New Jersey Deale

Outdoor TV Installation

How much abuse can an outdoor TV take?

Check out the video and see how durable your outdoor entertainment investment will be.


Bravo AV has documented everything you need to know about outdoor TV's including:

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Veranda Series Outdoor TV

Weatherproof, SunBriteTV 43" true outdoor 4K HDR television - the Veranda Series TV is optimal for full-shade outside living areas like a covered patio or screened gazebo.

Why is this the best outdoor TV for shaded patios and decks? The lastest model in the SunBriteTV Veranda Series offers a premium 4K UHD HDR screen with direct LED backlight and is up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs to deliver a breathtaking, vivid picture in outdoor environments.

SunBriteTV's durable aluminum case protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and insects; compared to the lightweight, vented plastic of typical indoor TV cases; plus an easy cable-entry system.

Veranda Series includes built-in speakers and a generous weatherproof media bay for popular streaming devices (RoKu, Apple TV, etc)

Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to help ensure compatibility with 4K sources and streaming services; equipped with 3 HDMI and 1 USB inputs for variety of connectivity options, as well as HDMI ARC on 1 input, and IP control.

What is included with the Veranda TV?

  • Built-in, down-firing 20 WATT speakers

  • One-year parts/labor warranty

  • Weatherproof remote control

Sunbright Outdoor TV Prices:

43" Veranda 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


55" Veranda 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


65" Veranda 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


75" Veranda 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


Sunbright Signature Series Outdoor TV Prices:

43" Signature Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


55" Signature Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


65" Signature Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


75" Signature Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


What is included with the Signature 2 television?

  • Two-year parts/labor warranty

  • Weatherproof remote control

  • Operator's manual

What colors does it come in?
The Signature 2 Series is available in black, silver, and white.

Sunbright Signature Series Outdoor TV

Weatherproof 43-inch outdoor 4K HDR television - SunBriteTV Signature 2 Series for partial-sun and high ambient light applications such as patio, deck, yard.

Why is Signature 2 the top pick for watching TV outside in partial sun and high ambient light?

Up to 3 times brighter than indoor TVs, this all-weather television improves the viewing experience in brighter outdoor environments. The commercial-grade screen with direct LED backlight and TruVision™ anti-glare technology delivers an ultra-bright (700 NIT) picture with 4K resolution. The dramatic picture detail and full High Dynamic Range (HDR) support offer amazing contrast and vibrant colors.

Built for permanent outdoor installation, the sleek thin-bezel design adds style while the durable aluminum (not plastic) casing protects against weather and insects. Safe and superior performance from winter to summer (-24°F to 122°F outside temperatures).

SunBriteTV's OptiView™ provides pre-configured daytime/nighttime settings for optimal viewing any time of day.

Built-in HDBaseT receiver with IR repeater - A clean, affordable option for receiving up to 4K UHD resolution video and control over a single Ethernet cable, and complete integrated IP control makes it easier to add to control systems.

What is included with the Signature 2 television?

  • Two-year parts/labor warranty

  • Weatherproof remote control

  • Operator's manual

What colors does it come in?
The Signature 2 Series is available in black, silver, and white.

Sunbright Pro Series

For the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, look no further than the 49-Inch SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series fully-weatherproof outdoor TV. Bring the fun outside!

Featuring the latest technology from outdoor TV leader SunBriteTV, the sleek edge-to-edge glass shines brilliantly turned on; with a beautiful design when off. Plus, the Pro 2 Series' TruVision anti-glare display provides a vivid picture that is viewable from multiple angles even in direct sunlight; thanks to the extra bright 1000 NIT screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Like all SunBrite televisions, the Pro 2 has a durable, powder-coated frame to resist rust and corrosion while protecting the internal components from weather and pesky insects. And to eliminate condensation, the internal heating and cooling system regulates running temperature, so you can enjoy the big game in extreme high and low temperatures.

Active family? Put the Pro 2 yardside or poolside without worry -- the impact-resistant tempered glass display is safer for high-traffic active areas.

Why is this the best outdoor TV for sun? This newest model in the SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series offers a premium 4K UHD HDR screen with direct LED backlight and is up to 400% brighter than indoor TVs to deliver a breathtaking, vivid picture in bright outdoor environments!

How does the SunBrite Pro 2 television connect to content? The Pro 2 line supports HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDCP 2.2 to help ensure compatibility with 4K sources and streaming services; equipped with HDMI, USB, cable, and other professional-grade inputs for variety of connectivity integrations.

Sunbright Pro 2 Series Outdoor TV Prices:

49" Pro 2 Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


55" Pro 2 Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


65" Pro 2 Series 4K LED HDR - UltraHD TV - 


 What is included with the Pro 2 TV?

Two-year warranty

Weatherproof remote control

Quick Start Guide


What are available colors for Pro 2? 

The Pro 2 Series is available in black.



Séura 4K outdoor TV’s
Whether you want to watch a 4K sporting event, Cable TV, streaming movies or TV shows from your Apple TV you no longer have to return to the confines of the house on a beautiful day when you would rather spend that time outside. The Séura Shade Series is the perfect choice for any shaded area and includes a matching 50-watt Soundbar to enhance the experience. The Ultra Bright series does exactly what the name implies creating a bright vivid image without concern in direct sunlight. Along with amazing picture quality the Ultra Bright TV’s also offer a 60w Soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity for great integration of audio and video in any outdoor environment.

Outdoor TV for shaded areas

Make the Most of Your Shaded Outdoor Space. Whether you’re looking to escape your day or entertain the night away, take your back yard to a whole new level with a weatherproof Outdoor TV. Seeing is believing. There’s no denying brightness is essential when it comes to outdoor viewing. At 700-nit brightness, Shade Series TVs are three times brighter than indoor TVs and 75% brighter than the competition.


Direct Sunlight Outdoor TV

Life is Better Lived Outdoors. From lazy summer days to backyard parties, Ultra Bright is the best way to make the most of your space, even when it’s displayed in direct sun. With 1,000-nit brightness, our Ultra Bright TV is 30% brighter than competitive full sun TVs, which means you’ll catch your favorites, even when viewing in direct sunlight. Built to handle any type of weather, Séura Outdoor TVs are designed and tested to thrive outside year-round, no matter how brutal the climate or conditions.

Installation Location

The most important option that an outdoor TV provides is the ability to place your TV wherever you want within your yard. Commonly, homeowners spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars building a pool, purchasing landscaping, and generally making their yard into a beautiful place.

Working with your landscape architect Bravo AV can optimize the TV location to fit your lifestyle best. We can install the TV by the kitchen/bar area, by the pool or by the hot tub you have numerous choices. With an outdoor TV we can move the TV out into the yard, allowing you and your friends to spend more time enjoying their beautiful space, not simply watching TV out in the elements.

Outdoor TV by Seura NJ
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Indoor TV vs Outdoor TV's
We are sometimes asked if you can use and indoor TV outdoors. The quick answer is no. Let’s look at why.
Outdoor TVs are designed & tested to do four things indoor TV can’t do:
1. Be seen in areas with higher ambient light.
2. Withstand the elements.
3. Operate properly in extreme temperatures.
4. Comply with building codes for external use.
Indoor TV just cannot meet any of the four criteria outlined above. Using an indoor TV outdoors will void the warranty, not comply with building codes and is unsafe to use.

Seura Design

Elegant design along with rugged durability providing you with years of viewing enjoyment. Why worry about the elements when your new Séura TV can handle them. The new Ultra Bright model is built for temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F. A sealed weatherproof noncorrosive cabinet with Séura ’s Precision O-Ring System and weatherproof media compartment protect your TV from moisture, salt, and insects. Add a Séura custom dust cover for when the TV is not in use and you are all set.

Features include:

  • • 4K UHD HDR 3840x2160
    • TV Sizes Available: Ultra Bright 49,55,65,86. Shade Series 55,65,75.
    • Ultra Bright 1000cd/m2 panel brightness, Shade Series 450 cd/m2 panel brightness.
    • A full range of AV inputs & outputs: HDMI (3), VGA, USB, Audio Out (analog & digital).
    • Shade Series Includes a 2 channel Soundbar w/50W of rich powerful audio. Ultra Bright series offers a Premium 60W two channel Bluetooth enabled soundbar.
    • Easy integrations with built in roomy compartment for sources.
    • A subtle blue status LED, which can be turned off in the OSD.
    • Best-in-class 2-year warranty.

Outdooor TV Installation Warren NJ.jpg
Outdoor TV Installation Dealer New Jersey
New Jersey Outdoor TV Pricing.png

Seura Outdoor TV Pricing Shade Series

43" Shade Series 2™ Outdoor TV w/Soundbar $1,999.00

55" Shade Series 2™ Outdoor TV w/Soundbar $2,499.00

65" Shade Series 2™ Outdoor TV w/Soundbar $3,999.00

75" Shade Series 2™ Outdoor TV w/Soundbar $5,999.00


43" Shade Series 2 Cover $189.00

Mounting Options

Tilting Wall Mount $399.00

Articulating Wall Mount $499.00

Seura Outdoor TV Pricing Ultra Bright Series

Ultra Bright Outdoor TV 55" $7,999.00

Ultra Bright Outdoor TV 65" $10,999.00

Ultra Bright Outdoor TV 86" $21,999.00

Audio Option

Premium Outdoor Soundbar 55" $1,299.00

Mounting Options

Slim Wall Mount $199.00

Tilting Wall Mount 399.00

Articulating Wall Mount $499.00

There are often promos and other options we can offer customized to your budget.

Outdoor TV Prices NJ

Bravo AV and Séura - A Winning Team

Bravo has been installing Seura outdoor TVs for years and has come to rely on Seura as the premier provider of high-quality outdoor TVs. This is based on the following considerations:

1. TVs provide good value and performance to our clients.
2. The equipment is well engineered.
3. The equipment is reliable and long lasting.
4. Seura has a great track of successful products.
5. Seura is an Innovator and hold the top spot among outdoor TV manufacturers.

Are you ready to spend more time outdoors? Let Bravo AV install an outdoor TV and transform your outside space into your next entertainment zone.

Let Bravo AV help you take the fun outdoors with these amazing state-of-the-art televisions


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