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Experience the magic of the movies right in your own home with a Bravo AV custom home theater, transforming any room into a cinematic paradise in the heart of NJ. Our home theaters are designed to deliver the ultimate movie-going experience, blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly functionality and pristine aesthetics. Whether you're hosting a movie night for friends and family or unwinding after a busy day, our home theaters in NJ provide the perfect sanctuary for entertainment and relaxation. Learn about Luxury Private Cinemas here or check our Ultimate Home Theater Guide.

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A dedicated home theater is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Special acoustic treatments isolate the room from outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes the audio. Plush theater seating is carefully positioned to allow for unobstructed viewing of your video content including movies, TV shows, sports, video games, and other media at the highest quality possible, on the big screen. Room lighting is controlled, as well, in order to ensure the best picture delivery from high-definition, properly calibrated projector. Bravo AV’s goal is to complement your lifestyle by demystifying the home theater and delivering to you:

Crisp Picture  I  High Fidelity Rich Sound  I  Comfortable and Inviting Environment

"How often do you escape with your family? Everyone loves going to a movie theater, being completely immersed into a story, without distractions. Bravo AV brings that magic and keeps you safe at home."          ~Tom Curnin.

Here at Bravo AV we understand a home theater is an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


There are unlimited options for each element of a home theater and the price really depends on your budget. Below is one of or worksheets that you can download and begin to see how they can be relatively inexpensive or become a sizable investment. We call it a "dedicated home theater room" because it is truly dedicated to home entertainment. This is much different than a media room or adding surround sound to your the large flat screen in your living room. These spaces genuinely replicate your local movie house as discussed throughout this page. There is no other room offered that can help you and your family escape from it all. Bravo AV is highly educated in the technical aspects of audiophile sound, videophile displays and delivering  the best experience within your budget. 

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Bravo AV has documented everything you need to know about Home Theaters here:

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List For Complete Home Theater

Designing a home theater involves many variables of various weight/significance based on your desired outcome. All of these considerations should be evaluated within the context of your budget. With years of experience at its disposal, Bravo AV is well prepared to help you navigate the decisions regarding the design, construction, and use of your custom home theater. A good home theater setup is the combination of electronics engineering and room design. The factors that you need to evaluate and prioritize are:

Home Theater New Jersey

Do You Have Designer Genes?

The first step in home theater installation is to choose a design that has a comfortable and inviting environment. When complete this room will allow you to disappear and reset, so spending some time on the design is critical. Bravo AV has professional interior designers or we can work with your interior designer to make sure the room is exactly what you want. You can start deciding on a design through the images below or discussing with us your favorite movie, sports team or other theme based ideas. 

Learn More About Home Theater Design

Location, Location, Location

A home theater needs to be dark, this allows you to only focus on the screen. The room should also be an enclosed dedicated space without other activities happening that will distract you. The room should also have a barrier so that sound does not bleed out of the home theater or noises coming inside the space from adjoining rooms. Bravo AV has completed home cinema rooms for families that remodeled an old home office, unused bed room, attic space and even in a barn. We do offer sound deadening and building the theater into a "floating room" or "suspended room" which is optimal for sound proofing. 

New Jersey Home Theater Installation
Best Size For A Home Theater Room NJ

Is BIGGER Better?

One of the best room sizes for your New Jersey home theater installation is 8ft high X 10ft wide X 12ft deep. A room this size is optimal because of the way sound waves behave. Unfortunately you would probably be limited to four seats. A medium sized theater will usually have 6-10 seats, enough for the family and a few guests. To optimize this size room we could make it a trapagon. A trapagon is designed with a narrower and lower height in the front of the theater that gets wider and higher toward the back of the room. This is popular for audiophile listening rooms as well. You will also need space for  the electronics and control system.

The Door: Break On Through and escape

The door should be located toward the back of the theater room. This reduces any light or distractions coming into the theater while guests are immersed in an experience. It can also be something fun like a hidden bookshelf entry or bank vault door. Outside the theater is where the anticipation starts so you may want to consider the design leading into the theater as well.

Hidden Door For A Home Theater Room NJ
Starry Ceiling Home Theater NJ.j

As Below - So Above

Many times by default a home theater ceiling is either neglected or designed with a traditional starry ceiling. Bravo AV would rather discuss a more personal presentation that fits your interests or completes the theaters theme.  We absolutely love a starry ceiling but we also like designing complete opulent home cinemas that are beyond traditional design.

When Walls Do Talk!

Wall material and stud placements play an important role in theater design and can affect the theater’s acoustic response. Your home cinema walls are an essential part of any home theater. Eliminating distractions is one of the key elements and purposes of a dedicated home theater. Theaters are often located in basements, where unused space can be utilized. Basement theaters, however, are often close to noisy machines that can interfere with the theater experience. Would you like to be able to work in the space next to the theater even while there is a loud movie playing? Bravo AV can incorporate sound proofing methods that blend in with the aesthetics of your theater and allow you quiet in a neighboring room even though the speakers may be blaring in the theater. The walls will hold the in-wall speakers, sound proofing material as well as reflection and absorption panels to optimize the audio experience.  The wall coverings are your choice  of unlimited design and decor. Learn More About Home Theater Acoustics.

Home Theater Acoustic Panels  in NJ
Home Theater Carpet Floor in New Jersey

Take A Magic Carpet Ride'

The floor is also critical in proper home cinema room deign. A hard surface will reflect more sound and may create an echo while carpet will absorb the sound and allow deeper bass. The sound can be calibrated to make up for different surfaces but there are always basic guidelines we should follow when trying to achieve the best home theater experience. The floor will also need a riser platform for seating behind the front row. From the second row back each row should be raised about 7 3/4" higher than the row in front of it. This obviously allows for everyone to have a clear view of the screen.

Do' Just Sit There!

Home theater seating comes in all sizes, color, firmness and styles. Many chairs have motorized options and some have heaters. We work with the best local cabinet makers, interior designers, and chair makers to give your theater the style and comfort level it deserves. Home theater seating is essential for comfort but does not have to break the budget. Traditional theater seats are most popular but everyone has an individual taste. Traditional theater seating is a leather recliner with arm rests on both sides. This may be great for public spaces but many of our clients like to use long couches or double love seats for the entire family to hang out on. Bean bags are also popular for additional seating. To get the most seating spaces we usually design a small bar in the back of the theater room with several bar stools to accommodate surprise guests. Some cinema seat considerations are:  Number of seats, Sight lines for each row, Seating spacing, Chair type and design Learn More about Home Theater Seating.

Cheap Home Theater Seating in New Jersey
Home Theater Speaker Dealer NJ

They Don't Speak, They Surround Sound-

Depending on your surround sound selection, we will place speakers to make sure your theater sounds its best. Bravo AV is New  Jersey's  surround sound experts with a trained staff to calibrate your home theater system. Speaker placement is according to the amount of speakers you choose and speaker choice is according to the entire system budget. We strongly recommend in wall speakers for the best sound experience.  A typical theater touts what’s commonly referred to as a 5.1 surround sound system, but bigger setups, such as a 7.1 arrangement, are also common. With a Dobly Atmos surround sound system you can be completely immersed in 3d surround sound. Learn More about Surround Sound.

Project: Projector

Projector: an optical instrument that projects large images onto a screen. Projectors are often the most expensive piece of electronic equipment, and rightly so, they play a major role in the quality of the image you see on your theater screen. In order to allow the projector to perform its best, a high-quality screen is necessary to compliment it. Projectors have become extremely inexpensive with amazing 4k technology. Today’s HD projectors can project incredibly detailed, bright images on screens typically around 100 to 150 inches in width. Projectors bring the grand scale you experience at the movies and allow you to observe more details in video. We can help you understand everything you should know about projectors and help you decide which projectors are the best value for you. You can learn more about  projectors here,

Home Theater Projector Install  in NJ
Home Theater Projection Screen  New Jersey

Get Ready To Screen!

After you have decided on the best home cinema projector for your budget we will choose the right projection screen. The size, color, gain and other specifications are included in the science based decision process. Screens can also be fixed or motorized to disappear into the ceiling.

Dimming You Softly'

All quality theaters have remote lighting controls. This allows you to control light levels from your chair. Home theater lighting has many facets too. the main lights are usually hi-hats that are used when entering and exiting the theater. Track lighting is used between the seats to see where the aisles and stairs are, while sconces and LED lighting can set the mood. Learn More About Smart Lighting and  Motorized Blinds

Home Theater Lighting  in New Jersey

Giver Or Receiver?

The audio-video receiver’s primary purpose is to amplify sound from a multitude of possible audio sources as well as route video signals to your TV or projector from various sources. The AVR is the brains and brawn of your theater:

1. The Brains: A Preamplifier that switches and controls which audio and video source is selected (such as a Blu-ray player, cable box, CD player, etc.) and processes the incoming stereo or surround sound signals and distributes them to the correct speaker amplifier channels and the subwoofer output. The preamp in an AV receiver can also route video signals coming from source components (such as a Blu-ray player) and directs the video signal to the projector.

2. The Brawn: A built-in multi-channel amplifier (5 or 7 channels for traditional surround and 11 to 13 channels for Dolby Atmos) that sends the surround sound signals and power to the speaker system.

Pre - Amp - Amp Post

The pre-amp and amp combo serves the same function as the AV Receiver, but the separation of the functions into two separate components allows for a higher level of audio fidelity. By separating the pre-amp or processor from the amplifier the manufacturer is able to focus more on increasing the performance and optimizing sound outputs.

Audio Control Home Theater Seperates Dealer
Kaleidescape Dealer New Jersey

Watch When You See The Signal
Source components are devices that provide audio & video signals to your theater system. Blu-ray players, Cable Boxes, Satellite Receivers, video games and digital media servers are all great examples of sources. The source quality is an important part of the system because the AV signal can only degrade as it travels through the components that lead to your projector. Today’s 4K Blu-ray and digital media servers are among the highest quality sources available to consumers today. What is Kaleidescape? Click through to read more.

Calling All Control Freaks

Your home theater is a very complex space as you can see. Having a simple control interface allows one button touch to turn everything on or off and makes it easy for selecting content. This also helps you control the lighting and room temperature during your home theater experience. These features can of course all be tied into your home automation system.

Learn More About Home Automation

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Power Cleaning and Surge Protector Panamax-Dealer-NJ

Use Proper Protection

Electronic systems have become very expensive, even at the entry level. Surge protection helps to protect your expensive electronics from lightning, power surges, brownouts, blackouts, and other possible dangerous power fluctuations that can perpetuate through your home electrical system and destroy your investment. We are your Authorized NJ Panamax dealer.

We Give You Power - Under One Condition'er

Modern electronics have become increasingly better at displaying very high levels of detail in video and audio images. The US power grid is somewhat antiquated and not well maintained. As a result, the power coming into your home contains voltage irregularities commonly referred to as “noise”. Furthermore, within your home you have appliances and various other devices plugged in throughout the home that create noise. Power conditioning takes the incoming electricity, removes noise and interference and provides a clean power stream to your electronics, allowing them to operate at their best. We are your Authorized NJ Audio Quest dealer.

Audio-Quest-Audiophile HiFi Cables and Wire Dealer
Home Theater Rack Service in NJj

Racking Your Brains

The brains of your home theater system is everything electronic that process's and outputs the audio and video correctly to the projector and screen. This can include a home theater receiver or separate components like a pre-amp and amp. Other components like a media server, cable box, gaming system, streaming audio, surge protection and other devices should be considered as well.

Run - Wire - Run

Wire and cables connect the entire system together. Examples of wire & cables necessary to outfit a complete home theater would be:

● Speaker Wire connects the speakers to the amplifier (a minimum thickness of 14 gauge copper wire is recommended. 10 gauge is preferred.)

● Coax or RG6 Wire is typically used for Cable TV.

● Cat-6 or7 Wire: Category-6 or 7 is a communications wire used for many applications. Networking, telephones, digital music transmission and keypad communications are some basic examples of the many uses of Cat-6 or 7.

● HDMI Cable: (High Definition Multimedia Interface) sends both audio & video on one cable. HDMI also supports the highest quality video available on the market today.

● Fiber: In our current projects, fiber optic cable is run from the AV receiver to the projector to meet future video delivery needs. Traditional copper cables will not be fast enough to keep up with the data transmission needs of next generation electronics. The industry standard will soon become fiber optic 5/6 HT Overview v2

For more information on wire and cable see additional articles on the Bravo website:

● Theater Connectivity Diagram

● Classification of Low Voltage Network Wire

● Structured Wiring Approach

You can learn more about Speaker Wire, Pre-Wire and HDMI Cable by clicking on each.

New Jersey Home Theater Wire Cable Dealer
Home Theater HVAC Design Experts

Independently Cool-

Quiet air circulation with a different temperature profile from the rest of the house can improve comfort when spending extended time in the theater.

Learn More About HVAC

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact us for a free home theater consultation. Bravo strives to exceed your expectations while respecting your budget. 

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