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Outdoor Speakers New Jersey


One of the most appealing parts of any outdoor living space is its ambiance. It’s your home’s spot for relaxation or entertainment when hosting guests in the warmer months.

What better way to add to the atmosphere than with music?

Imagine an outdoor sound system strategically built to deliver high-fidelity audio throughout your backyard’s gathering areas – with a combination of speakers and subwoofers for added effect. Manage everything from the playlist to the volume from your personal smart device and set the right mood for any occasion in your backyard. Our team at Bravo AV will handle the design and installation of your landscape speaker system; you can just sit back and enjoy the music for yourself. Learn more about outdoor entertainment centers here.


Our Goal: To educate you on clean clear articulate sound with a uniform sound field.

Outdoor Speaker System Installation

How is outdoor sound different than indoor sound?

Sound energy dissipates very quickly outdoors. To achieve a relatively uniform sound field we need many speakers playing at moderate levels rather than a few speakers playing very loudly.

Speaker wire runs tend to be longer and therefore require a bigger gauge wire to insure the system performs at its best. 14 gauge is the minimum that should be used.

Here at Bravo AV we understand an outdoor speaker system is an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.


Bravo AV has documented everything you need to know about outdoor speakers including:

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Types Of Outdoor Speakers


Near Outdoor Speaker Dealer New Jersey

Traditional Surface Mount

These speakers can be mounted on the house, pergola or flanking the basketball court These speakers can also be ground mounted or mounted on posts. They come in black and white, are completely enclosed in a weather proof casing, rust proof grill and bracket with corrosion free wire connections. Because they are similar to indoor book shelf speakers you can expect the same great responsive and powerful sound you enjoy indoors. These outdoor speakers usually have a 3” to 8” mid driver and a tweeter. The larger 8” driver produces a wider range of frequencies catering more to the lower bass notes. ​. They are paint-able. Our favorite speaker in this category is Near. We also like Origin and Revel

Pictured are the Near LB4, LB5, LB6 and LB8 outdoor speakers.
These speakers not only sound great they are extremely well made and carry a 12-year warranty. The LB4 and LB5 can handle 75 watts the LB6 and LB8 can handle 175 watts. These speakers can be paired with a subwoofer.

Landscape I Satellite

The satellites look like outdoor flood lights and are mounted on the ground and are accompanied with an in-ground subwoofer. they are attached to a pivoting “ground stake” so you can “plant” them in the ground and aim them in the proper direction. Planting these allow them to disappear into your landscape leaving you with nothing but an amazing “uniform sound field”.  You will want to think about location and visibility of these type speakers, so your landscapers do not mow them over or continuously hit them with a weed wacker. Bravo AV of New Jersey would also recommend researching the material in which the stake is made because less expensive landscape speakers are known to snap off the stake easily, especially after a few seasons of use. These type systems are usually coupled with an outdoor subwoofer.


Rock Speakers

One of the earliest form factors available. Placed low on the ground in the planting bed, outdoor rock speakers offer a wider range of frequencies because they can hold a larger driver. There is no shortage of rock speaker design or color including, sandstone, slate, granite and many others to fit your New Jersey landscape aesthetic needs. When selecting the best rock speaker, you want to see how the speaker is positioned in the rock molding. Some are aiming straight out while others are slightly pitched up. If the

rock speaker is near the listening area you will want the speaker slightly tilted up in the mold. For larger spaces the speakers aimed straight out will perform better. Rock speakers usually have a 4” to 8” driver and a tweeter. There are a few that may even have three speakers which does not mean more power but a better performance of individual sound frequencies.

Mushroom Speakers

Speakers are designed similar to the bollard with a 360-degree sound field, but the speaker faces down toward a molded sound dispersion base as pictured. These speakers are usually low to the ground, maximizing the overall sound field but still aesthetically pleasing. For the best outdoor mushroom speaker we recommend the JBL Control 85M. its has a very broad frequency range with an extremely affordable price. These are also a great solution for commercial spaces like shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, hospitality facilities, and entrance ways.


Bollard Speakers 

Need lighting and great sound? Consider a Ballard style speaker with built in light. Bollard Outdoor Landscape Speakers have a sleek design that can be easily hidden within your New Jersey home's landscape and also look great when positioned out in the open. Bollard outdoor speakers tend to have the best sound in this category because they sit higher off the ground and can house several larger drivers in optimal directions.  These characteristics also make them a more expensive option but the experience is worth it!  Bravo AV recommends the Origin Acoustics Bollard speakers that have a 360-degree sound field, excellent sound detail and designed to last for years to come.

Architectural Speakers

Architectural outdoor speakers are a newer category especially with the introduction of Architettura Sonora who offers both a visually appealing and amazing sound experience. The bollard can be considered architectural, but we wanted to expand on this collection because of its uniqueness and our belief this designer type outdoor speaker market will rapidly increase. If you are serious about sound and appreciate art, we can honestly say the best architectural outdoor speakers are designed by Architettura Sonora. They have solutions to fill any space with reference quality sound as their name implies, complete “sonorization”

Outdoor-Architectural-Speakers- New-Jers
Planter Speakers Dealer New Jersey

Planter Speakers

Perfect for when you want the speaker to blend into the environment and have the ability to grow live plants in them. Perfect for decks and patios where you don’t have landscaping to hide your speakers. Bench and planter speakers have always been popular because of their natural look and magnificent sound capabilities. Depending on the size and cost you can have an extremely impressive sound experience using planter speakers. Being able to place them directly in a listening area, while not being a visual eye soar is the major. Both bench and planter speakers can be designed with a subwoofer that is positioned at the bottom facing down for some ground shaking bass. The leader in this category is Planter Speakers.

Line array Speakers

Line array outdoor speakers are the pinnacle of outdoor (and indoor) concert arena sound. These are usually made with (identical) multiple speakers, mounted in a vertical line on a slight curve. The curve allows the sound to be dispersed immediately in front of the speaker and distances well over 300 feet, all at the same sound level. This gives the listeners directly in front of the speaker and others in the background the same listening experience. JBL line arrays are top of the line especially with their team of engineers to help us design your application. 

JBL Line Array Outdoor Speaker

Their top performing Professional CBT series is magnificent. The technology built in to this speaker is amazing. The CBT 70J and JE system is a wonderfully articulate speaker. At 54”h x 7”w x 9”d you need to consider how to work them into to the landscaping plan. We have use these with tremendous success when we had a large area to cover and need high volume output. The speaker is ideally paired with a Crown amplifier.

Outdoor Subwoofer Install NJ

Outdoor Subwoofer

Outdoor subwoofers add another dimension to your outdoor sound system and necessary for a complete outdoor listening experience. They provide the lower frequencies from the bottom end of the scale that capture and move us. Just like landscape speakers’ outdoor subwoofers come in a plethora of sizes and styles. Some are even buried out of sight with a small mushroom like cover or placed at the bottom of a bollard, bench or planter speaker. Lower frequencies are also non directional so you do not have to aim or strategically place subwoofers for optimal performance. If you appreciate the subwoofer in your surround sound system you will want to plan for an outdoor sub as well.

Outdoor Speakers Photo Gallery

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