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Top 3 Features of Motorized Blinds

The Coolest Motorized Shade Benefits

Motorized Shades 3 Coolest Features
3 Coolest Features Of Motorized Shades

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At Bravo AV, we love motorized blinds. You could say we think they're the best invention since sliced bread. In all seriousness, though, there are serious benefits to motorized shades in your NJ home. We've told you about some of them before. There's an undeniable convenience factor when you can push a button to raise or lower a shade or a whole roomful of shades. And if someone in your family has a disability or even a temporary injury, that convenience turns into a really valuable benefit. But there are additional ways you can enhance your living spaces with automated shades and window treatments, especially when you integrate them with other smart home features. Let's dive into three areas that will make the investment in this smart home option an easy decision. Optimize Natural Daylight Our bodies respond to the rhythms of natural light. The changing intensity and color temperature of sunlight throughout the day helps regulate our energy levels. Brighter, bluer light like bright daylight gets us energized, while the warm tones of a setting sun signal our bodies to wind down for eventual sleep. Your Lutron smart shades can be programmed with timers that change seasonally to take full advantage of natural light. In the morning, you can flood your bedroom with natural daylight to awaken and get your day started. In the evening, you can enjoy the warm sunset but also lower the shades just so to filter any glare.  If you work from home or are otherwise doing things around the house, you can control the sun with automated shades that can respond to a UV sensor. Your shades can automatically lower to prevent heat buildup. Alternatively, on a gloomy day, all shades can go up to brighten interiors and maximize light.

Enhance Your Spaces Motorized shades can increase the versatility of your spaces. In a living or family room with large windows, you can instantly convert to a media room with the right automated shades, which can include blackout liners for dark room movie watching experience. If you want some light for TV or sports watching, you can automate that, too. With a smart home automation system, you can coordinate your shades with lighting, temperature, and AV control to create the perfect atmosphere for entertainment. A scene can be simple, too. Is there a reading corner with a comfortable chair in your family room? One touch or even a voice command can raise the shade and turn on the reading light to enjoy your favorite magazines with the perfect blend of light.

Increase Security with Scenes Just as a well-lit property can deter potential intruders, automated shades can play a role in your home’s security. You can program your shades in tandem with lights to give your home an occupied look while you’re away. You can do it manually as well through an app on your smartphone. This approach becomes most powerful when integrated with a smart home automation system. The system can be programmed to raise and lower shades, turn lights on and off, and even use the sound system and TV to create the illusion of a lived-in home while you enjoy a worry-free vacation.

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Mar 30, 2021

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