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Sony TV 2023 Lineup: A Conversation with Tom, Bravo AV's Sony TV Expert

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Tom Curnin, the Owner and Chief Designer at Bravo AV.

With over 17 years of experience in the audio-visual industry, Tom is a wellspring of knowledge and expertise. Today, we delve deep into the world of Sony TVs, exploring everything from entry-level models to the cutting-edge 8K offerings. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned enthusiast, this interview promises to offer valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision for your next TV purchase. So sit back, relax, and let's get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Background

  2. Why Sony TVs?

  3. Choosing the Right Sony TV

  4. Bravo AV and Sony Partnership

  5. Importance of Installation and Calibration

  6. Understanding Sony's TV Categories

  7. Advice for Potential Upgraders

  8. Deep Dive into Sony's 2023 Lineup

  9. Decoding Sony Model Numbers

  10. Customer Service Experiences at Bravo AV

  11. Future of Sony TVs

  12. Final Words

  13. Contact Information

Q: Tom, it's a pleasure to have you here. Before we dive into the world of Sony TVs, can you share a bit about your journey with Bravo AV?

Tom: Thanks for having me! My journey with Bravo AV began 17 years ago. I started as the Owner and Chief Designer, and over the years, we've expanded our offerings to encompass all things related to Smart homes. Home theaters, dedicated listening rooms and everything in between, our goal has always been to provide the greatest value through rigorous engineering, appropriate equipment slection and meticulous installation. My passion lies in ensuring that every client gets an unparalleled AV experience, and that's what drives me every day. I’m in the business of SMILES.

Q: Your passion for Sony is evident. What ignited this love affair with Sony TVs?

Tom: Sony, for me, represents the pinnacle of innovation and quality in the TV industry. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional visual experiences aligns with my vision for Bravo AV. Every Sony TV is a masterpiece, and being able to bring that to our discerning clients is a privilege. Sony is one ot the big three TV manufacturers, Samsung and LG being the other two. What separates Sony apart is it’s extrodinatley deep engineering team. Sony makes the cameras that capture the big game or the blockbuster movie, all the postproduction gear and finally the TV you watch. This “Lens to Living room” chain is what helps Sony dominate when it comes to delivering a fantastic picture.

Q: For someone new to the world of TVs, how would you recommend they approach the Sony lineup?

Tom: I always advise starting with understanding your needs. Sony's lineup caters to a broad spectrum - from entry-level to premium offerings. Think of it as "good, better, best." Once you identify where you fit, it becomes easier to choose. And of course, our team at Bravo AV is always here to guide you through the process.

Q: Bravo AV has been an authorized Sony dealer for a decade now. How has this partnership enhanced the offerings for your clients?

Tom: Being a direct dealer and authorized Sony partner for over ten years has been incredible. It means we get the latest products, exclusive offers, and direct support from Sony. For our clients, this translates to genuine products, competitive pricing, and the assurance of quality.

Q: Installation and calibration play a crucial role in the TV viewing experience. How does Bravo AV ensure the best setup for its clients?

Tom: Absolutely! A TV's potential is truly realized when it's perfectly calibrated. At Bravo AV, we offer the highest level of video calibration from Our team ensures that every Sony TV we install is optimized for the room it's in, delivering the best possible picture quality.

Q: Tom, earlier you mentioned the "good, better, best" approach to Sony TVs. Can you guide us through this, starting with the "good" category?

Tom: Absolutely. The "good" category is where we introduce people to the world of Sony. In this range, we have the LED TV entry-level models. These are perfect for those who want a reliable, high-quality TV. They offer brilliant colors, sharp images, and Sony's signature reliability. It's the ideal choice for someone stepping into the world of high-definition viewing. The models in this category are the X85K and X80K.

Q: Moving on, what can customers expect from the "better" category?

Tom: The "better" category is where things get interesting. Here, we have the LED TV mid-range and models, as well as the OLED entry-level and mid-range TVs. These models offer a significant bump in terms of features and performance. With OLEDs, for instance, viewers can expect deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. The LED high-end models, on the other hand, come with enhanced brightness and better contrast ratios. This category is for those who are looking for that extra oomph in their viewing experience, be it for movies, sports, or gaming. The models in this category are: X90L (Full array LED) and A80L and A 90K OLED.

Q: And for the enthusiasts the demand real performance, what does the "best" category offer?

Tom: The "best" category is the best 4K TVs Sony offers. These aren't just any TVs; they're a cinematic journey right in your living room. With resolution, clarity, and detail that are second to none in the 4K range. The models in this category are: X95L & X93L mini-LED and A95L QD-LED.

Q: And for the connoisseurs, what does the "Extreme" category offer?

Tom: The "extreme" category is an 8K TVs. These are not just TVs; they're a statement. With a resolution four times that of 4K, the clarity and detail are unparalleled. Every scene feels lifelike, every color pops, and the overall experience is nothing short of cinematic. For those who want the absolute best, who want to be at the cutting edge of technology and entertainment, the Premium 8K range is the way to go. There is only one model in this category the Z9K in either 75” or 85”

Q: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about upgrading their TV, especially given the diverse options available, what's your advice?

Tom: My advice is simple: Think about your primary use. Are you a movie buff, a gamer, or someone who enjoys regular TV shows? What type of room are you watching in, what are the ambient light levels and finally how for away do you sit from the TV. Once you identify these three criteria, choosing becomes easier. And remember, a TV is a long-term investment. It's not just about the present but also about future-proofing your entertainment. With Sony's commitment to innovation and Bravo AV's expertise, you're in safe hands.

Q: Earlier you gave us a broad overview of Sony's TV lineup for 2023. Let's dive deeper. Starting with the OLEDs, can you tell us about the Sony A95L QD-OLED?

Tom: Absolutely! The Sony A95L QD-OLED is the crown jewel of Sony's 2023 lineup. Available in sizes ranging from 55" to 77", it's a marvel of innovation. This TV introduces several upgrades from last year's model, including better brightness and a dedicated gaming menu. One feature I'm particularly excited about is the Bravia Cam, a mountable webcam that adjusts picture and sound based on the watcher's position.

Q: That sounds impressive. And what about the Sony A90K OLED?

Tom: The Sony A90K OLED is a continuation from 2022. It's available in 42" and 48" sizes. While it might seem small, this TV packs a punch. It incorporates all of Sony’s industry-leading picture technologies. It's perfect for those who want a high-quality viewing experience without needing a massive screen. Its size makes it versatile, and its performance ensures it delivers on the promise of quality.

Q: Can you tell us about the Sony A80L OLED?

Tom: The Sony A80L OLED is a mid-range offering, available in sizes from 55" to a massive 83". It's a direct competitor to LG’s C-Series. While it might be priced slightly higher, the quality and performance are top-notch. It's a testament to Sony's commitment to delivering exceptional value even in their mid-range offerings.

Q: Switching gears a bit, let's talk about the LED models. What can you tell us about the Sony X95L and X93L Mini LED?

Tom: The Sony X95L Mini LED is an upgrade from last year's model, boasting 20% more local dimming zones, enhanced sound capabilities, and a dedicated game menu. However, it's only available in an 85" size. For those looking for smaller sizes, the X93L Mini LED is the go-to, available in sizes from 65" to 85". Both these models represent Sony's commitment to pushing the boundaries in LED technology.

Q: And finally, the Sony X90L Full Array LED-LCD TV. What sets this model apart?

Tom: The Sony X90L Full Array LED-LCD TV is versatile. Available in sizes from 55" to a whopping 98", it's designed to cater to a wide range of needs. While it might be on the more affordable end of the spectrum, it doesn't skimp on features. It comes equipped with the Cognitive Processor XR, HDMI 2.1 support for 4K/120. It's a testament to Sony's philosophy of delivering quality across all price points.

Q: We know Sony loves to come up with model numbers that can be hard to decipher. Can you give us the magic decoder ring?

Tom: Sony uses the following naming conventions. Looking at the last 4 letters in the model number. If the model begins with a Z it is an 8K set. If it begins with a A it is an OLED set. If it begins with an X it is an LED set. The last letter denotes the generation The current Generation is L (yes this is the 13th generation of 4K TVs) there are a handful of K models still in the 2023 lineup.

Q: We've heard rave reviews about Bravo AV's customer service. Can you share some memorable experiences?

Tom: It's always great to hear such feedback. Timothy Cummings, for instance, appreciated our end-to-end service when we installed a 65" Sony TV and soundbar for him. Joanne & Matt from Bernardsville also had a wonderful experience with our team when setting up their home theatre with a new Sony television. For us, every positive testimonial is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Q: Lastly, Tom, with the rapid advancements in technology, how do you envision the future of Sony TVs?

Tom: The future is exciting! I see Sony TVs becoming even more integrated with smart homes, offering features we haven't even imagined yet. With advancements in AI, I envision TVs that adapt to our moods, preferences, and even our daily schedules. And with technologies like OLED and 8K, the line between the screen and reality will blur. At Bravo AV, we're thrilled to be part of this journey, bringing the next generation of entertainment to our clients.

Q: It's been enlightening, Tom. Any final words for our readers?

Tom: Always remember, a TV is not just a purchase; it's an investment in experiences. And when you choose Sony and Bravo AV, you're investing in the best. We're here to guide, assist, and ensure you get the most out of your Sony TV. If you have questions or need assistance with any home technology, just say Bravo! We deliver smiles-


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For additional resources, please visit our Home Theater web page. Tom Curnin, the owner of Bravo AV, is a CEDIA Professional Designer, a certified THX Level 1 home theater professional and a member of the Home Acoustic Alliance trained to Level II. You can contact Tom directly at (908) 953-0555 or through email at



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