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Planning For A Home Theater

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Planning your Home Theater System

Planning For a Home Theater?
Home Theater Planning

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The addition of a home theater system to your New Jersey home will mean you have the best movie night on the block. It’s a great way to bring the family together for a Pixar screening on the weekends, or an ideal space to entertain guests with an action movie. However, since many factors can affect the image and sound quality, creating the perfect home theater requires some forethought. Before you begin the production stage of your home theater, you should establish a solid plan. Read on to learn more about what you should know before the construction phase. 

What Is The Best Size Room For A Home Theater
Best Size Room For A Home Theater

Selecting a Set The first decision you should make concerns the room. You should base all other decisions you make on the space in which you’re working. For instance, if you start by looking at projectors, you may choose a model that works great in a room with more light, then decide that the theater belongs in the windowless basement. The result will be that, while you’ve spent time and money selecting a good-quality projector, the picture quality will still not be ideal. When you select the room first, you can select the projector, screen, seating, and audio that work within the parameters of the space. To guarantee the best results, bring an integrator into the process as early as possible. Not only will they be able to find the right equipment for your environment, but they will also be able to help you select a room that is best suited for a theater transformation.

How Do you control light in a home hteater
Home Theater Lighting Control

Lights, Camera, Action While it may seem strange to spend much time thinking about the lighting in a room you want to be dark, your theater’s illumination is of the utmost importance. The placement and control of lighting greatly impacts the entire theater experience and convenience. For instance, it may be wise to create a path of dim lights to mark the ways in and out of the room, like a commercial theater. The benefit of having the theater in your home is that you can keep these lights off during the screening, then turn them on with a remote control from your seat when someone needs to leave or enter the room. If you integrate the lighting with the rest of the controls, the lights can be set to turn down low automatically when the movie begins, and slowly illuminate when it’s over. Spending a little time planning your lighting will ensure your entire theater experience is a success from beginning to end.

New Jersey Home Theater Surround Sound
Home Theater Surround Sound New Jersey

Know the Score 

The cinematic experience depends on the audio experience. If your sound system isn’t a priority, you and your guests won’t be fully immersed in your movie. The proper acoustics will keep out background noise and keep the car chase noise out of your kitchen and living room. Before you even begin to consider speakers, working with an integrator will help you assess what needs to be done to achieve the right sound properties in your space.

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