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Outdoor TV Overview

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Increase Your Time and Enjoyment of the Outdoors By Bringing Your TV Outside

Outdoor TV Installation Mendham NJ
New Jersey Outdoor TV Installlation

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It has been a long, cold winter in New Jersey, and everyone is ready to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is around the corner, and with it comes the promise of sunnier skies and warmer temperatures.  It is so important to take full advantage of the summer months knowing that these conditions don’t last forever.  The best way to improve your quality time alone watching your favorite movie or quality time with others watching a great game is to do it outside.

Spring is the perfect time to consider bringing your entertainment outdoors.  It is well documented that the television has become the hub of our living areas. There is something special about laughing at a good comedy, crying at a good movie or even yelling at an exciting game along with the people you love.   The only way to make that special moment even more special is to do in the fresh, open air, outside.  So, when the warmer weather comes, why not bring the entertainment outside? An outdoor TV installation can add another great gathering place to your Chatham-area home’s outside spaces. Imagine you and your friends celebrating the end of March Madness watching the championship game on your patio.

As the weather has some extremes in New Jersey between winter and summer, we recommend going with TVs that are built for outdoor use. Our partner Séura makes some of the best dedicated outdoor televisions because they withstand the elements and are designed to perform brilliantly in all weather conditions. Read on to learn more about how Séura offers a line of 'outdoor TVs designed to deliver a brilliant picture in specific outdoor spaces in the shade or fully exposed to the sun.  Check out Seura’s offering and see which product best for your outdoor space.

Outdoor TV Installation new jersey Pool Patio
Even in a partially closed in space, an Outdoor TV is needed

Using an Indoor TVs Outside Some might think about using a standard indoor TV, outside.  However, installing a TV that is designed for outdoor usage is the best solution for various reasons: First, most LED TVs have an operating temperature range of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This range isn’t suitable for Chatham, winters or most summers days.  Second, standard TVs are not made for high humidity environments – and outside, even in a covered area, the humidity can get very high in rainy and foggy conditions exposing the indoor TVs operating system and wires to moisture, impacting the safety and durability of the unit. Third, an indoor TV getting rained on spells the end to that TV and could represent a serious safety challenge.  Finally, the screens on indoor sets are not designed for outdoor ambient light. Indoor TVs project a dark shadowy picture in the bright outdoor environment.

Shade Series Outdoor TV by Seura
Outdoor TV For Shaded Areas

TVs for Shaded Locations Séura makes TVs for both shaded and sunny locations – so there is a solution built to deliver the optimal picture in your particularly designed outdoor space.  The Shade series comes in 55, 65, and 75-inch sizes to turn your covered patio into your outdoor entertainment center. All models support 4K and HDR content, so you don't have to give up picture quality when watching TV outdoors. Even in the shade, you need brightness due to changing light conditions outdoors. With 450 nits of brightness, Seura Shade Series is up to 60% brighter than indoor TVs. Séura did not ignore TV sound outdoors. Most flat panel TVs, by virtue of their thin designs, have poor sound. Séura has endowed the Shade Series with a 50W built-in soundbar that perfectly matches the TVs width to deliver full stereo sound. Séura also has an upgrade option for a more powerful soundbar with Bluetooth for streaming audio from a portable device. Of course, if you want to add a full outdoor sound system with your TV, we can accommodate that and integrate it too. All Séura outdoor TVs and soundbars are fully weatherized. They can operate in temperature ranges of -24 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, 90% humidity, and have an IP56 rating, which means the TVs are protected against dust, snow, ice, and rain - pretty much anything our New Jersey weather can throw at it.

TV While You Tan If you prefer maximizing your time in the sun while you watch from your lounge or pool area, Séura has the TV for that too. The Ultra Bright Series was designed for any sunlit area, even areas with full sun exposure They are available in a wide array of sizes, from 49 inches to 86 inches. The Ultra Bright series are all 4K HDR TVs and have the ability to come with a soundbar.  With an impressive 1000 nits of brightness, they provide optimal viewing and vivid picture quality even in full sun. Séura custom calibrates the picture to changing light conditions – called Adaptive Picture Technology – to ensure that picture quality stays even as the sun and clouds shift the light throughout the day. With Séura weather protection (and expert installation by Bravo AV) you can place an Ultra Bright set at the edge of your pool without concern. Bravo has been installing Seura outdoor TVs for years and has come to rely on Seura as the premier provider of high-quality outdoor TVs.  This is based on the following considerations:

  1. TVs provide good value and performance to our clients

  2. The equipment well engineered

  3. The equipment reliable and long lasting

  4. Seura has a good track of successful products

  5. Seura is an Innovator and hold the top spot among outdoor TV manufacturers.

Are you ready to spend more time outdoors? Let Bravo AV install an outdoor TV and transform your outside space into your next entertainment zone.

For additional resources, please visit our page on outdoor TV's or outdoor speakers with articles like this on everything you need to know. Additionally, you can check out our photo gallery on the same page to explore our previous work.

Bravo AV is proud to be an HTA (Home Technology Association) Certified Installation Firm and professional A/V experts. Tom Curnin, the owner of Bravo AV, is a CEDIA Professional Designer, a certified THX Level 1 home theater professional and a member of the Home Acoustic Alliance trained to Level II. You can contact Tom directly at (908) 953-0555 or through email at

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