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Media Room Design Questionnaire

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

By completing this form we will be able to understand your Media Room goals 

There are three major factors that influence a media room: Video quality, Audio Quality and Aesthetics. 

Criteria for Acoustical Performance (Audio Quality) Audio Performance Requirements (please choose one): 

❑ Excellent (suitable for critical music listening; near-studio quality) 

❑ Very Good (good for film soundtracks; OK for music but not suitable for critical listening) 

❑ Adequate (subordinate to aesthetic criteria) 

Criteria for Video Performance (Image Quality) Video Performance Requirements (please choose one): 

❑ Excellent (image nearly film quality; accurate rendering of colors & hues; compatible 

with pending High Definition TV) 

❑ Very Good (image quality still above average; color rendering is still good but not a 

priority over décor; capable of displaying High Definition TV images albeit with minor reductions to absolute quality) 

❑ Adequate (subordinate to aesthetic criteria) 

Criteria for Room Aesthetics (The Look) Aesthetic Requirements (please choose one): 

❑ Excellent (Very high level of fit and finish; top grade material used extensively) 

❑ Very Good (High level of fit and finish some top grade material used as accents) 

❑ Adequate (Subordinate to Audio and Video Quality) 

What is the size of the room? (H x W X D) 

How far away will you sit from the TV? Is this new construction or a renovation where the wall will be open? 

How much ambient light is in the room and how is it controlled? Do you want automated shades? 

Do you want automated lighting control? 

Do you play video games? (Play station, Xbox, Wii etc) 

Where do you want the equipment located? Do you want the equipment hidden? 

Do you enjoy listening to music beautifully reproduced? 

What type of music do you like? 

What are your sources for music? CDs, Satellite Radio, streaming or digital music files. 

How many DVDs/ Blu-ray discs do you own? 

Please describe your current viewing/listening environment. What do you like about it? What would you like to improve? 

Do you have Cable or Satellite? Who is your provider? 

Is there a computer network jack where you want the equipment to go? If not we will have to install one.

For rooms where an over the fire place installation is contemplated: 

  • How high is the top of the mantel from the floor? 

  • How wide is the mantle? 

  • What is the dimension from the top of the mantel to the ceiling? 

  • What is the width of the wall above the mantle? 

What is your budget? 

What is your timeframe? 

Children’s names & ages:



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