Focal Speaker Upgrade In NJ Home Theater.

Updated: Feb 16

Home Theater Upgrade

There are so many project we like doing for our customers, but there is one that we like the most - building or upgrading a home theater. When finished, these projects put a tremendous smile on our client’s faces. For us it is technically challenging where the intersection of design and engineering come together to meet our customer’s needs.

In this approximately 20-year-old theater we were able to make the following substantial improvements:

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BEFORE: 1.78:1 Aspect Ration This does not maximize the wall space Left | Center | Right Speaker location above screen is not optimal

Projector and Screen

Upgrade the projector: Sony VPLVW695ES SXRD 4K Projector

Major Screen transformation: Replace the 16:9 aspect ratio screen with an SI 130" Screen with a 2.40:1 Aspect Ratio. Additionally, the screen is acoustically transparent allowing us to optimize the locations of the LCR speakers behind the screen. Sonically this is a big deal.

Core electronics

Upgrade the AV Receiver: Audio Control Concert AVR-7 paired with Audio Control Avalon G4 Four Channel Home Theater Amplifier to power the 4 additional channels.

AFTER: Screen Innovation 2:40 acoustically transparent screen maximizes the picture and optimally positions the LCR speakers.


1 Apple Apple 4K TV

1 Sony 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player.

1 Kaleidescape Strato 6TB Media Server.

Speaker package

3 - Focal F-IW 1003BE Electa LCR speakers. The LCR are the most important speakers in the system. This is why we used the best in-wall option from Focal

4 - Focal F-IW 1002 Surrounds: Eletra Series In-wall Retangular 2-way speaker. Side Surrounds located in the side walls with the rear surrounds in the reconfigured back wall.

4 - Focal F300ICW8 Atmos speakers. Round In-wall/In-ceiling 8"

1 - JL Audio F112v2 Fathom 12" powered subwoofer. We use JL in all our home theaters.

Acoustic Calibration using Dirac Live in the Audio Control receiver.

Power Management

Surgex SA-20 power conditioner followed in series with a Furman Elite-15 DMi Power Conditioner Dual MTR.


1 Savant pro single room remote

BEFORE: We started the back wall was very buy with AV Gear ported through the back wall. Be relocating the gear we are able to install rear surround in the back wall and apply acoustic treatments behind color matched fabric.


The rear wall reconfiguration really cleaned up the look of the room and allowed us better placement for the rear surrounds. One rack was removed and the remaining rack was rotated 90%. On the rare occasion one needs to access this rack it is easily access by a door at the rear of the theater leading in to a storage area behind the theater. The opening in the rear wall was closed with fabric applied over acoustical material.

Using the FabriTrak system we can match any color you want with fabric up to 10 feet wide. In this case we built three panels on site to reduce the echo in the room. The panels are almost impossible to see since they blend in so well with the painted surfaces. In summary we also built two panels in the ceiling, and one panel on the reconfigured back wall.


2 circuits of lighting control.

AFTER: We were able to install the rear surround speakers in the back wall and apply acoustic treatments behind color matched fabric.

For additional resources, please visit our website’s Knowledge Center. Here, you will find dozens of articles relating to Bravo AV’s services. Additionally, you can check out our photo gallery to explore our previous work. Bravo AV is proud to be an HTA (Home Technology Association) Certified Installation Firm and professional A/V experts. Tom Curnin, the owner of Bravo AV, is a CEDIA Professional Designer, a certified THX Level 1 home theater professional, and a member of the Home Acoustic Alliance trained to Level II. You can contact Tom directly at (908) 953-0555 or through email at



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