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Q&A: Answering 4 Common Media Room Design Questions

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Looking to Add a Media Room to Your New Jersey Home? We are here to Help.

Using a Projector in a Media Room With Windows
New Jersey Home Media Room With Windows and Projector

Media rooms can be an exciting addition to any home. They’re the perfect setting to enjoy watching your favorite films in 4K Ultra HD resolution or listening to your favorite music from high-performance speakers. And best of all, you can transition any space in your house into a media room. Perhaps the process of building a media room is quite intimidating to you. That’s why we at Bravo AV are here to help homeowners throughout northern New Jersey, whether you live in Far Hills or beyond. In this post, our team of media room design experts share the answers to some of the most common installation questions we hear from potential clients.

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What if My Room Has Windows? This is an entirely reasonable question. After all, nobody wants to begin watching a movie, only then to find a glare or too much ambient light hindering the screen. Luckily, you have plenty of options available. For example, you can add motorized blackout shades that lower at the press of a button on an in-wall keypad or smartphone application. This will instantly help to diminish the amount of natural light in your media room. Another solution is to invest in a TV that thrives in high ambient-lighting environments. The options are truly endless. Just because the perfect space for the media room in your house might have high levels of ambient light, it doesn’t mean that your entire plan is derailed. How Large Should My Screen Be? We hear this question a lot. Often, homeowners think that they’ll get more out of their viewing experience if they have a larger screen. This absolutely true. But you need to guarantee a viewing field that is ideal for both you and your guests. To give you a benchmark, we design theaters with 110-inch screens where the first row is 10 feet away.  So, unless you are sitting very close to the screen, it’s almost impossible to have too big of a TV.  Below are THX minimum viewing distances for various size TVs.

  • 50-inch TV = 3.25 feet away

  • 55-inch TV = 3.6 feet away

  • 60-inch TV = 3.9 feet away

  • 65-inch TV = 4.2 feet way

  • 70-inch TV = 4.6 feet way

  • 80-inch TV = 5.2 feet way


Media Room Seating Should be comfortable
We can help you choose the best seating for your Media Room

Seating Actually Important? This is an easy question for us to answer: Yes. We at Bravo AV consider three factors that are essential to a successful media room: video quality, audio quality, and the overall design of the space. Seating plays a crucial role in all three of those determining influences. As we discussed above, your seating arrangement should be a comfortable-enough distance from your screen that everyone watching doesn’t have to crane their necks to follow the action. Additionally, your seating can have a significantly influential role in the auditory experience in your media room. You’ll want your seating centered around your speakers – regardless of whether you opt for a two-channel or surround sound setup – so that you can fully immerse yourself in the movie or song. But comfort is also an essential factor. The fact is, if you are uncomfortable while you’re sitting to watch a two-hour movie, you aren’t going to enjoy it as much. There are plenty of high-quality media room seating options available that you can choose from. We highly recommend Fortress Seating. Our team at Bravo AV is always available to help you find the best selection for your space. How Can I Watch Movies in the Best Resolution? If you’re hoping to achieve a high-performance media room design, a space from which you can enjoy your films in the best possible resolution, we have a strong recommendation: Consider adding Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape is a digital media server that allows you download your favorite films in uncompressed 4K HDR resolution and soundtracks in uncompressed audio formats. You download content from the Kaleidescape Digital Movie Store. Since it has agreements with most major studios, the library is growing all the time. The store has over 11,000 movies and 2,000 TV shows. The store is the only place we know where you can get native 4K HDR content. How does that impact the viewing experience? It means that once you begin watching a downloaded film through Kaleidescape, you will be experiencing the action in native, uncompressed quality. Since this is a download, not a stream, you never have to deal with streaming artifacts or lags.  Native 4K HDR material is a joy to watch. Most streaming services compress movies so that it’s easier to transmit the data as you watch the film. While they still are great for casual movie-watching, Kaleidescape digitally stores your movies for you so that you don’t have to rely on streaming to watch your favorite films. If you want to bring the ultimate movie-viewing experience directly to your media room, there is no better option than to use Kaleidescape. Simply use your TV or smartphone control application to select the film you want to watch through Kaleidescape, and instantly (that means no annoying preview of FBI warnings) make the most out of your Dolby Atmos-configured surround sound system or 4K Ultra HD TV screen. Interested in learning more about how we can work with you to create a media room design your family will love? Check out our knowledge center for more information or contact our team today by clicking the live chat button below!

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