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Motorized Blinds For Odd Shaped Windows.

Updated: Apr 11

Odd shaped windows like angled, triangle, trapezoid, and others add a distinct beauty to your home, but unfortunately most window treatment shops do not offer motorized blinds for them. Enter: Bravo AV!

Custom Motorized Shades Installation For Odd Shaped Windows
Custom Motorized Shades For Odd Shaped Windows

Hi, I am Tom from Bravo AV, and with my 15+ years of experience in window treatments, I am here to help guide you through the all the different options and our process. This guide offers experienced advice for enhancing your living space with the perfect motorized blinds for your unique windows.


  1. Understanding Odd Shaped Windows

  2. Common Challenges in Covering Unique Windows

  3. Motorized Blinds, Shades, Curtains, or Shutters?

  4. Technological Innovations in Odd Shaped Window Treatments

  5. Expert Tips for Odd Window Shape Shade Options

Understanding Odd Shaped Windows

Unique windows enrich homes with their unique designs and architectural flair, each bringing its own set of aesthetic and functional benefits. Here's an overview of various specialty windows and their distinctive features:

Geometric Window Coverings: Angled, Triangular, and Trapezoid Windows

Trapezoid Window Blinds Installation
Trapezoid Window Blinds Installation

Geometric windows, such as angled, triangular, and trapezoid shapes, add a modern touch to spaces but if you are looking for natural light control or privacy they will require a custom window treatment solution.

Key Features:

  • Custom Design: We have been providing custom tailored window shades to fit your window's unique geometry with precision. We have many different solutions that ensure a seamless fit along all edges no matter what the shape.

  • Material Choices: We offer a broad range of materials, from energy-efficient cellular shades to classic faux wood blinds and everything in between.

  • Simple Operation: Our motorized shades are simple to operate and allow you to adjust the shades remotely for varying levels of privacy and light control.

  • Schedules and Scenes: Want all your window coverings to close for movie night? We can make that happen with a simple button press and create any other scenes to make your life easy with smart shades. You can also program them to open, close or adjust according to sunset, sunrise or a certain time.

Motorized blinds are pretty cool but when it comes to odd window shapes there is something truly mesmerizing about them, or is it just us? Either way, no matter what window shape you have we can give you effective light management, energy savings and privacy.


Bay, Bow, and Garden Window Coverings

Bay, bow, and garden windows are awesome for a beautiful view and even leveraging the sun for heat and plants. However there are always times you want a little more privacy or want to block some of that sun to protect your furnishing, or maybe watch TV without a glare? With these prism like windows it takes a unique skill to measure and fit the shades properly. One of the biggest issues we see is where two windows meet at the corner and if the shades are not measure properly they can chafe against each other and deteriorate the fabric. We have perfected the art of the measurement and gap between the blind and window edges to minimize light but assure a long lasting solution.

Key Features:

  • Custom Solutions: While Bay and Bow Windows usually only require a single shade, Garden windows are a little more difficult. They can have three, four or more shades which require precise measuring and installation for a smooth professional finish.

  • Sunlight Management: Coverings can be used to protect sensitive plants from harsh sunlight but still allowing enough light for growth.

  • Accessibility: These unique windows are usually in hard to reach spaces like behind a couch or two deep to reach in and adjust the shade. With our motorized solutions we will save you time and eliminate stress.

Choosing the right coverings for bay, bow, and garden windows enhances your interior spaces design and adds simpler functionality. Our expert consultation and services provide tailored solutions that bring out the best in these unique window types.

Palladian Specialty Arched Window Blinds
Custom Arched Window Blinds Installation

Palladian Arched and Curved Window Coverings

Arch, radius, and lunette windows are popular for the top of doors as a beautiful accent and also compliment luxurious Palladian windows with their classic elegance. But just like all the other specialty windows we have discussed so far, they are not easy to install motorized blinds. In fact because each curve is unique they are probably the most difficult to accommodate window treatments motorized or not. Measuring and cutting the shade edge to the arch for a perfect finish takes a lot of experience and patience. We also need to find room for the mechanics and motor depending on the framing and amount of smaller windows that make up the overall size of the arch.

Key Features:

  • Fully Adjustable: Custom-made to fully open or close, fitting even the most odd shaped windows.

  • Custom Design: All curves are different, not only the degree of the arch but the cuts themselves can be off. This means making a template to the exact curve and duplicating the shape to the material and the support inside the shade top itself.

  • Simple Control: Arch windows are most always at the top of a door or window frame out of reach. With our remote control motorized curved shade solutions you no longer have to use chairs or pole to open, close or adjust them. We can program scenes and schedules or you can set them at the touch of a button.

These solutions enhance privacy, light control, and insulation while preserving the windows' architectural style and integrity.

Specialty Round  Curved Window Covering
Specialty Curved Round Window Covering

Octagon, Circular, half moon and Oval Motorized Window Treatments:

Octagon, circular, and oval windows introduce unique architectural elements, similar to arched windows. The difference is curved and arched windows have smaller windows that create the arch, with circular windows, it is a single wind which is even harder to make sure the cut is seamless. This assures a precise finish when the shade is closed not letting in any or minimal light. These windows are usually just above doorways or high up in the foyer providing natural light to stairways and entryway. We find that these type applications either have no shades or if there is a shade, no one ever takes time to grab a "sky pole" and raise / lower the shade daily. So if you want to add energy savings, lighting control and fashion to these circular windows, we highly recommend motorized shades. You will also save the character and color of your furnishings by providing scheduled shade from the sun. We have witnessed an almost racetrack shade strip across a foyer that effected paintings, wall coverings and furniture because of the path of the sun and an octagon window without a blind.

Key Features:

  • Custom Tailoring: Ensures an exact fit that complements the architectural features of each odd window shape.

  • Cohesive Aesthetics: When we do see these types of windows with window coverings it is usually a wooden blind that doesn't match the material of other window treatments in the space. This is because there a premade solutions for specific circle and halfmoon shapes but shades of fabric or honeycomb must be custom made.

  • Smart Options: No matter how high and out of the way these windows are, you will be able to control them with a remote. We can also integrate them with your existing smart home system and Lutron Lighting Systems.

Selecting the appropriate coverings for these specialty windows involves balancing their architectural beauty with practical needs. Consulting with our window covering experts ensures these windows will enhance your home's design and comfort with simple control.


Overhead Windows and Skylight Shades:

While they are not odd shaped windows, Skylights and transom windows can be another challenge when looking for an affordable blind or shade solution. Have no fear, we can help you with a nice tight and precise fit. We can also give you a motorized solution to eliminate the daunting task of raising and lowering a skylight shade. This possible for both new builds and retrofit into your existing home. We also have a large selection of fabrics that offer light control, privacy, and insulation.

Key Features:

  • Light Moderation for Skylights: Adjustable shades or blinds manage light intensity and protect interiors from UV damage.

  • Enhanced Insulation: Improves temperature regulation and energy efficiency for both skylights and transom windows.

  • Privacy Control for Transom Windows: Allows adjustable visibility, maintaining privacy while allowing natural light.

Proper coverings for skylights and transom windows are crucial for maximizing their architectural benefits while addressing light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. Our professional guidance is invaluable when looking for the best solution for these types of windows.


Triangle and Angled Motorized Window Blinds Installation
Angled and Triangle Motorized Window Blinds Installation

Common Challenges for Odd Window Shapes

While architecturally stunning, each specialty window presents unique challenges when it comes to finding the right coverings. We understand all the challenges and can help you overcome them with precision and simple control.

Light Control and Privacy

One primary concern with specialty windows is managing the balance between natural light and privacy. Large or uniquely shaped windows can offer beautiful views and abundant daylight but may also expose interiors to outside views. Finding treatments that provide privacy without completely blocking light requires careful consideration and, often, custom solutions.

Insulation Issues

Windows are a significant source of energy loss in homes, and odd shaped windows exacerbate this issue. This i s because there aren't mass produces coverings for peculiarly shaped windows, leaving most bare. So we suggest if your going to invest in a solution make sure it is one that insulates and pays for itself.

Customization Needs for Odd Window Shapes

As we mentioned earlier non-standard shape windows mean that off-the-shelf window treatments are not available. This is why customization becomes essential, not just for the perfect fit but also for ease of use. However, custom solutions can be more costly and require a longer lead time.

Aesthetic Integration with Interior Design

Window treatments should complement the window's architectural features and the room's overall design as well. This is particularly challenging for specialty windows, as the treatment needs to compliment the unique shape while matching your room's decor. This also involves custom design work and a careful selection of materials and styles.

Operational Difficulties in Hard-to-Reach Areas

A you learned earlier, most odd shaped windows are far out of reach and this is because they are mostly for design and not looking through to a view, or they would be standard sized windows. This is one of the benefits of motorized window blinds. There are many different systems for remote control and scheduling. We also need to consider other specifications like power, will it be battery or do we need to run a wire?

Addressing these challenges requires a blend of creative thinking, technical knowledge, and experience, which we offer with our free consultation.


Blinds, Shades, Curtains, or Shutters? Which is best Window Covering for Odd Shaped Window Blinds?

Selecting the ideal coverings for specialty windows is about finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. This is a very basic overview and we encourage you to call us to help you decide which solution is best.


Versatile Blinds and Shades:

  • Customization is Key: Blinds and shades can be precisely tailored to fit a variety of specialty windows, including angled, triangular, and circular shapes, preserving the window's original character. They also come in different fabrics, whether you are looking for an insulated black-out or light filtering sheer material, we can help.

Elegant Curtains and Drapes:

  • Design Harmony: Selecting curtains that align with both the window's unique form and the room's overall style will significantly enhance the space. Some examples include long drapes on tall windows or the use of lighter fabrics to complement airy, garden-windowed spaces.

  • Material Matters: The choice of fabric and the method of hanging can greatly influence the overall effect of the window treatments. Sheer materials can soften the appearance of geometric windows, whereas heavier fabrics provide added privacy. Utilizing curved rods for arched windows can further highlight their architectural beauty.


Timeless Shutters:

  • Shutters offer a timeless look that can be custom-fitted to any specialty window, ensuring a unified and elegant appearance that complements the window's odd shape.

  • Designed for any shape, from octagon to Palladian, shutters enhance aesthetics and offer superior light control and privacy.

  • Choose materials and styles that complement the window's character and the room's theme. Wooden shutters add warmth, whereas composite materials are practical for moisture-prone areas.


Choosing the right coverings for specialty windows means considering their unique traits alongside your space's needs. Whether opting for blinds, shades, curtains, or shutters, the aim is to find solutions that beautify the window and fulfill your privacy, light control, and insulation requirements.


Tech Innovations for Odd Shaped Window Treatments

Navigating the unique challenges of specialty windows requires innovative solutions that blend technology with design. The possibilities for enhancing functionality and style are vast, from DIY projects to high end automated systems.

DIY and Custom Solutions:

We have stressed that many of these projects require professional help or someone with contractor and technology experience. So we do want to mention it is possible for some homeowners to tap into their creativity and design custom coverings,. Easier ones are fabric shades for octagon windows or tailored curtains for bow windows, that will add a personal touch to your spaces.

Smart Window Technologies:

  • Remote and Automated Control: Motorized treatments, controlled via remote or smart devices, offer unparalleled convenience, especially for hard-to-reach windows like skylights and bay windows behind couch.

  • Programmable Settings: Smart blinds can be scheduled to open or close based on your routine or the sun's position, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems:

  • Voice and Sensor Activation: Modern window treatments can integrate with voice assistants and sensors, allowing for hands-free operation and automatic adjustments based on environmental changes.

  • Seamless Connectivity: By linking window treatments with a smart home system, you can manage them in harmony with other smart devices, creating a synchronized and efficient home environment.

Embracing these technological advancements in window treatments not only addresses the specific needs of specialty windows but also elevates the overall living experience.


Motorized Trapezoid Window Treatment Installation

Expert Tips for Odd Window Shape Shade Options

Choosing the right treatments for specialty windows can transform them into highlights of your home's decor. Here are condensed expert tips to ensure your selections are both beautiful and functional:

1. Consult Professionals: Leverage expert advice for precise measurements and installations, especially for windows with unique shapes and sizes. This ensures a flawless fit and avoids costly errors.

2. Material and Color Coordination: Select materials that complement both the window's purpose and your home's aesthetic. Opt for colors and patterns that align with your interior design, considering the window's shape and the room's overall style to create a cohesive look.

3. Maintenance and Durability: Choose window coverings that are easy to maintain and durable, especially for windows exposed to sunlight. Consider materials with UV protection to preserve the fabric's color and integrity over time.

By focusing on these key areas, you can make informed decisions that balance practicality with style, ensuring your specialty windows enhance your living space effectively.


Thank You For Your Time

Selecting motorized blinds for unique windows needs careful customization. These windows not only add to your home's style but also its functionality. Treat each window as an opportunity to complement your decor and tastes. Whether it's an elegant Palladian, a cozy garden window, or a sleek skylight, the right blinds can elevate a room, balancing light, privacy, and design. Opt for custom solutions and professional advice for the best results.

While this article is very informative, nothing beats seeing it yourself. Please call us to see up and appointment to experience our Window Treatment showroom.

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