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Do I Need A 4K Projector From Sony?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Do I need a Sony 4k Projector
Do I need a 4k projector?

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Everything you want to know about Sony 4K HDR Projector

If you already have a home theater, you love home cinema. Even if you don't have one yet, you might enjoy the luxury of having a massive screen at home, minus the sticky floors and overpriced concessions of your local movieplex. There’s nothing like being able to settle in to watch a movie or a show in your very own space with pristine sight and sound, with all the comforts of home.

If you have already invested in a home theater or media room, you already enjoy the benefits of your very own entertainment emporium. But if you haven’t upgraded your equipment of late, you may be missing out on some exciting new capabilities. If you currently run a 1080P HD projector, you’re not able to take advantage of the latest movies and content available on Kaleidescape, Ultra HD Blu-ray dissc, Netflix, or Amazon Video, with their much higher detail and contrast. You might have been thinking about 4K as those flat-panel TVs that are now mainstream and very affordable, while 4K projector prices have stayed relatively high. Because projectors don’t sell in nearly the same volumes as TVs, the cost curve of new technology moves south more slowly for projectors – but that’s changing.   Sony now offer 11 models of projectors from $3,999 to $60,000.  With such a broad product line there is sure to be something the meets you needs and your budget. When it comes to home theater projectors, one name stands out – Sony. Sony is a longtime pioneer in too many technologies to list, and projection technology is no exception. In 2003, they were the first to introduce a full HD projector for home use. In 2011, they launched the first 4K projector for the home. Now, Sony has the broadest line it has ever fielded in home theater projection, with 4K models from affordable to the very high end.

New Jersey Home Theater With The Best Sony 4k Projector
Best 4k Projector In New Jersey Home Theater

Read on to learn more Sony’s 4K projectors, and see how easy it would be to bring incredible color, clarity, and detail of 4K technology to your home theater installation in the Morristown, NJ area. Advanced Technology Sony’s projectors feature native 4K resolution. Other projector brands have approximated the higher resolution by using current 1080P HD LCDs and some clever “pixel shifting” technology to give the appearance of higher resolution. These projectors accept current 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and display a sharp picture. With some streamed content, they display sharp and vivid images, but they are not true 4K. The effect might be similar to upscaling a 1080P HD image to 4K resolution. It will look good, but the difference is visible when you use very high-quality material such as an Ultra HD Blu-ray movie disc. Sony’s SXRD technology, however, uses full 4K resolution LCDs in the ES projector line.

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Sony’s newest model, The VPL-VW695ES, packs a motorized zoom lens that can easily adjust the size of your screen – up to 300 inches! With 1800 lumens of brightness and a 350,000:1 contrast ratio, it can handle the latest high contrast HDR content with aplomb. The 4K Motionflow video processing (Sony’s motion handling is perhaps the best in the industry) enables the projector to keep up with the fast moves in sports programming, and it also has the desired theater mode to display at 24 frames per second to match the way most films are produced. The control options interface makes it easy to integrate into your home automation system, as well.

IMAX Enhanced Sony’s ES 4K projector line now features IMAX Enhanced technology. If you’ve enjoyed the incredible immersive experience of an IMAX theater, you can now bring that experience home to your own theater. IMAX Enhanced content is specifically mastered to take advantage of today’s higher resolution and HDR capabilities. They feature expanded aspect ratios that show a sharper, brighter, and more immersive picture – and all of Sony's ES 4K projectors are ready for it. The IMAX Enhanced branding also requires a higher level of performance over and above what's needed for 4K HDR standards, so you can be assured that you're getting the highest quality picture in your theater or media room.

Sony Short-Throw Projectors Perhaps your home theater has limited space and thus a short-throw projector is needed. Sony’s VPL-VZ1000ES is the leading 4K HDR short-throw projector on the market, offering 2500 lumens of brightness with the flexibility that most other projectors can’t provide. Similar to the newer, traditional 4K projector models available, Sony’s short-throw 4K projector also features native 4K resolution and support for the IMAX Enhanced program. And with Motionflow technology built-in, you’ll never miss a moment of the action. To achieve the best picture quality, we recommend keeping the screen size for the VPL-VZ1000ES between 80 and 120 inches. With more and more 4K-native video content becoming readily available – whether through Blu-ray discs or streaming services – now is the time to upgrade your home theater projector. Bravo AV can upgrade your New Jersey home theater with the latest in sight and sound from Sony.   If you want to begin your home theater installation from standard HD to 4K Ultra HD, you can get in touch with us by contacting us here or by chatting live with us below. We look forward to hearing from you! --- For additional resources, please visit our page on Home Theaters with articles like this on everything you need to know. Additionally, you can check out our photo gallery to explore our previous work.

Bravo AV is proud to be an HTA (Home Technology Association) Certified Installation Firm and professional A/V experts. Tom Curnin, the owner of Bravo AV, is a CEDIA Professional Designer, a certified THX Level 1 home theater professional and a member of the Home Acoustic Alliance trained to Level II. You can contact Tom directly at (908) 953-0555 or through email at



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