Looking for simple lessons on how to use your new Savant Home Automtion system? Below are all the video tutorials you need to watch, and learn how to use your Savant system. 


Welcome to the smart home world of Savant Home Automation. Below you will find everything you need to get started using your Savant system. From basic navigation to adding music services and libraries, its all below for you to help get you started. If you are looking for more info, we have our everything you want to know about Savant page here.

How To Use Savant Basic Navigation

This video will show you how to get started using your Savant Home Automation system 

Add users to Savant system

Create user accounts with different preferences and permissions for controlling a Savant Home.

Managing users in your Savant system 

Manage user accounts with different preferences and permissions for controlling a Savant Home.

Understanding Savant Scenes

This video will help you understand Savant scenes. A scene is a collection of device settings that you activate at one time. 

Editing your Savant scenes

This video will help you create and edite your own personal Savant scenes. 

Managing Savant scene timers

Watch this video and learn how to create and edit scenes to start or finish at a spcific time. 

How to set up room pictures in your Savant app

You can upload new photos for rooms, so that your Savant App uses pictures of your own home.

Swiping right in your Savant home app

Swiping right gives you some great features and status's for your Savant home system

Understanding Savant  home notifications

Check out how to see and respond to different notifications in your Savant home app.

How to adjust your Savant home audio EQ

Watch this video to access and learn how to adjust your music to your taste with Savant EQ

Learn about Savant Home Automtion relays

For every problem there is a solution and Savant solves many of them with relays. Learn some of the ways in this video.

Savant tips &tricks

Everyone loves tip and tricks! Watch this video to get the most out of your Savant home system.


Now that you learned how simple navigation is and how great control can be, check out all the freatures below and unlock some more Savant Home potential.

Meet your Savant remote

Learn how the Savant Pro Remote X2 is designed to deliver a personalized control experience to every one who touches it.

How to use Satellite & Cable TV

Channel surfing has never been easier. Whether yo have cable or satallite Savant keeps you comfortable in control

How to control Apple TV With Savant Home

Watch this video to learn how to get the most of yor apple TV with Savant

Introduction to music control on your Savant system

Music moves us and Savant makes it very easy to get moving with your playlists and music sources.

How to use climate control  with Savant

Savant home is all about comfort anf simplicity watch this video to learn more.

Introduction to Climate Schedules on Savant Home

Savant keeps you warm in cooler months and cool in the warmer months all while saving you money and easy automated scheduling.

How to adjust lighting with Savant Home

Savant helps you set the mood with easy lighting control, manually or with automated scenes and even on timed schedules

Introduction to Savant True Image

Take a TrueImage photo of your light with your device. then adjust the color and brightness simultaneously in your app and in your real-world fixture.

How to adjust motorized  shades with Savant Home

Learn how to control your motorized shades with Savant Home Automation.

Smart door entry by Savant Home Automation 

Watch this video to learn about door entry control from Savant home.

Introduction to Savant security system integration

Savant puts security first in everything we do, inclding your home home automation.

Using surveillance cameras  with Savant

Savant home is all about security and gives you easy access to your security cameras.

How to use your Bluray with Savant

Watching your favorite movies from your Blue-ray collection is even easier with Savant, especially when combined in a scene.

How to tile multiple video streams with Savant

This is a great feature, being able to watch multiple video sources, tiled on one screen. Great for Sunday sports!

Introduction to Savant spa & pool  control

Savant pool & Spa control is great for setting timers and even scenes for a more relaxing expereince.

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