Looking for simple lessons on how to use your new Lutron lighting or shade system? Below are all the video tutorials you need to watch and learn on how to use your Lutron system. 


Welcome to the smart and illuminating world of Lutron. Below you will find everything you need to get started using your Lutron system. From basic navigation to adding music services and libraries, its all below for you to help get you started. If you are looking for more info, we have our everything you want to know about on our Lutron Lighting and Lutron Shadies pages here.

Getting started with Lutron app. Download & Setup

This video will show you how to get started with the download and set up of your Lutron App.

How to use Lutron App.  basic navigation

This video will show you how to get started using your Lutron music systems with basic navigation and simple direction.

Add users to Lutron system

Create user accounts with different preferences and permissions for controlling your Lutron system.

Understanding Lutron Scenes

This video will help you understand Lutron scenes. A scene is a collection of device settings that you activate at one time. 

Editing your Lutron Schedules

This video will help you create and edit your own personal Lutron schedules. 


Learn all about Lutron widgets

Widgets make using your Lutron App simple right from your home screen widgets.

Get to know your Lutron keypads

This video will show you how to get the most out of your Lutron keypads

What are Lutron Energy & Green Buttons?

Lutron is more than lighitng and shade control, Lutron also saves yo mney instantly with energy and green buttons.

Lutron Lutron Tips and Tricks

This video will show you how to get the most of your Lutron system with the coolest tips and tricks


Now that you learned how simple navigation is and how awesome your Lutron lighting  and shade system is, it's time to get connected with some of our favorite Lutron features

How to use Lutron Dimmer & Switch Controls

When it comes to Lutron dimmer and switches there is no shortage of function and features,. Watch this video to learn more

How to use Lutron Shade Controls

Lutron motorized shades are world class with infinite options. Find out how to control them in this video

How to use Lutron climate controls

Lutron controls the comfort of your home from thermostats to keypads to the Lutron app. Find out how its all done here.

How to set Lutron Temperature Schedules

Save money and time by learning how to automatically set temperature schedules

Learn abopt Lutron Favorite Lights, Shades Devices

We ll have favorites and this video will show you how to use Lutron for your favorite lighting and shading scenes

What can Lutron and Sonos do together?

Bravo AV Loves Sonos and Lutron, so you can only imagine what is possible with both of these awesome brands.

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